Knit 101: Check in with Rachel’s Knitting Journey

Did you know that we have beginning crafters at Interweave? It’s true. Although we are proud to boast a staff full of creative people who knit, crochet, weave, spin, and create jewelry, not every person is adept at every craft we cover in our magazines. This includes Managing Editor Rachel Koon. Rachel used to help to edit our family of crochet magazines. Through that experience, she picked up a little crochet.

Right now, Rachel is creating her first knitted sweater. We have been sharing a bit of her journey in the Knit 101 series – from selecting the pattern, to choosing notions and yarn. Rachel’s last post brought us to a point where we could get excited about her efforts – her project is taking shape! Stay tuned for her next post, and until then, catch up with Rachel on her knitting journey by reviewing how far she has come with Knit 101!

The Start of Rachel’s Knitting Journey

“This might surprise a lot of you, but I don’t really know how to knit. I’ve been the managing editor of all the Interweave knitting titles for over a year now and I’ve only managed to knit a couple of swatches. The learning curve is my biggest stumbling block—I have knitting and purling down pretty well, but anything beyond that intimidates me. And I have no idea how to fix mistakes, so when I make one I tend to just give up…” Read More

yarn crawl

Rachel Considers Notions

“My chosen project, the Killarney Sweater, uses the gorgeous and oh-so-soft Karabella Yarns Superyak, which I can’t wait to work with. The sweater pictured in Knits Winter 2017 is a light gray/beige, which is not a great color for me; I’m going with black, which is more flattering for my skin tone. (This is one of the best things about making your own garments—customizing color to suit your preferences.)” Read More

Rachel Seeks the Perfect Fit

“One of the best things about making your own clothing is that you can modify the design to fit your body. As I’m sure you know, off-the-rack clothing often doesn’t fit quite right: the sleeves are too long or too short, the waist gaps or pinches, the legs are too tight or too loose. That’s why we knit: to make garments that fit and flatter our bodies, no matter our shape.” Read More

Yarn Substitution for All My Friends!

“If you’ve been following along with this series, you know that I’m struggling with yarn. I found out last week that I can’t get my hands on Karabella Yarns Superyak, the yarn we used for the sample Killarney Tunic pictured in the magazine. So I’m hitting pause on actually knitting anything and embarking on a quest to find a yarn substitution.” Read More

yarn substitution

Rachel Makes Swatch Goals

“When you’re first learning to knit, everything seems difficult. Do you remember that from your early knitting days? Or is it just me? There are just so many things to remember (how to cast on, how to do basic stitches, how to hold your yarn) that it can be challenging to keep them all in your head. And frustrating, too—especially for adult learners. We’re so used to being good at things that when we try out a new skill and aren’t immediately proficient, we just give up out of frustration.” Read More


This Sweater is Going to Happen, I Swear!

“I’ve been in the starting phase of my first project for weeks now, and I’m ready for a little less preparation and a little more sweater action! I “mastered” casting on in my last post, so it’s time to start swatching. Yes, I know that swatching is part of the whole preparation process, but it feels like real progress. I’m actually knitting! And I’m so close to starting on this sweater—I just need to make sure I can get gauge.” Read More

sweater action

Featured Image Credit: Betsie Van der Meer | Getty

We’ve Got Your Crafty Back, Beginners!


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