Kerry’s WIP: Unique Sweater Construction and My Cat

Meet Jack Tiberius Rusty Russell Sprouts Bogert, though we call him Silly Old Moose Cat, or just Moose, for short. His name should help you guess the ages of my children when he joined our family. Everyone insisted their choices were the best, so we kept them all. You can bet if I’m sitting and knitting, this guy is close to my side. He and I have been spending lots of quality time together as I work on Buttonside, my January WIP from Knitting Short Rows.

sweater constructionButtonside features saddle shoulders, a technique in sweater construction I’ve never tried before. After swatching, I cast on and knit two simple textured panels. They look a bit like swatches themselves, but these pieces are actually the saddle parts of the shoulders. Author Jennifer Dassau’s instructions are flawless, making it super-easy to understand how to orient the saddles when I picked up edge stitches to begin the back of the sweater.
sweater construction
Along with saddle shoulders, this design also features German Short Rows, another new-to-me technique. (Oh, how I geek out over
learning new knitting techniques!) Again, Jennifer’s instructions made this new skill simple to understand, and after my first few short rows, I had it down. The short rows give the shoulders just a touch of slope that nicely conforms to the body.

With the shoulders shaped, Moose and I have quite a bit of stockinette stitching ahead of us. Tune in next time when (hopefully!) we’ll have made it through most of the back and can begin shaping the curved shirt hem.

—Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books

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