Kathleen’s Top Five Interweave Products

Everyone has their favorite knitting items, those that they recommend over and over. I have mine, too, and I'm here to recommend them to you! Here goes.

    I've loved Boutique Knits since it came out a couple of years ago. It's a book that I've given as a gift several times (and I've knitted gifts out of it, too!). Now I've got one thing on my mind, and it's the cover hat—the Side-Slip Cloche—for me!

Another project from this book that's floated to the top is the Pleated Denim Purse, at right. It's a lot of fun in a little package, which is what makes all of the projects in this book fantastic.

Author Laura Irwin is all about interesting metals, buttons, chains, linings, and other embellishments. I love her sense of style!

The Interweave Knits 2011 Calendar is all about knitting through the year, trying different techniques each month.

What's so inspiring to me is the use of mood boards to showcase all the different techniques—there is so much to look at each month! You won't get tired of looking at all of the yarn, notions, designs, and swatches.

And you'll be more excited than ever to experiment—try Fair Isle, intarsia, cables, lace, and more.

This calendar is a visual feast!

Shirley Paden's Knitwear Design Workshop is so comprehensive; it's the only design reference you'll need.

Shirley goes through every aspect of sweater design clearly and in-depth, taking you from hem to neckline and cuff, stopping at waist shaping and short-rows on the way. You'll also get a bunch of Shirley's beautiful patterns!

One of the things I love about this book is how Shirley provides little tidbits about knitting—things you've wondered about but never asked. Like how raglan shaping got it's name. It has to do with the Baron Raglan losing his arm in the Crimean War and his tailor designing a new type of sleeve cap to give him more mobility.

If your bookshelves are anything like mine, you have shelves and shelves of magazines in holders. Well I just took a little measurement, and my set of Interweave Knits on CD takes up about 4 inches, and my collection of magazines takes up about three feet!

Not that this is a reason to give up paper magazines, but it is a good thing if you're trying to make room on your shelves!

What's really neat, though, is how handy it is to have all of the magazines on CD! You can search for patterns and print out just the pattern you want to knit. No more making copies of your patterns so you can write on them! Just print out your pattern and mark it up to your heart's content.

And I'm recommending the 2002 CD because it's the one with the oldest magazines, which you might not have, and the designs are still as fresh today as they were eight years ago!

Kathy Zimmerman is deservedly called the Queen of Cables. Here timeless cable sweater designs are favorites in our store, and the Classic to Creative Knit Cables DVD will help you knit cables with confidence.

Kathy demonstrates rope cables, classic twists, and intricate braids. Plus you get free patterns, including the scarf on the cover!

I'm recommending this DVD especially because of Kathy's tips, though. I learned how to fix a cable problem by dropping down stitches and picking them back up-no more ripping out rows to fix an incorrectly crossed cable.

This method has helped me over and over in my knitting, and it'll help you, too! (If "gappy" cables are you problem, Kathy has a fix for that, too!)

There's lots on sale in the Interweave Store this weekend, so have fun exploring!


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