Kathleen’s Favorites on the Web: Twist Collective

Today's stop on my list of internet favorites for knitters is Twist Collective. (The Spring/Summer 2011  issue just went live last night!)

The Twist Collective is an online magazine filled with knitting designs, how to knit articles, Q&A with the Mason-Dixon gals, and much more.

Well-known knitting designer Kate Gilbert came up with the idea and is the publisher. Three times a year she brings together fabulous designers to present various stories in knitwear design.

According to the website, "The idea of Twist Collective came from a desire to bring talented designers and writers together, to give them a beautiful showcase for their work, and pay them fairly. After publication with Twist Collective, designers have the option of using the pattern as it was produced, photography and all. Meanwhile, writers have an explicit right to use their work here as the beginning of something bigger, if they like, or just to work out an idea in a publishing format that allows them their own voice."

All of the patterns showcased in each issue are available for purchase right from the website and are delivered as PDFs.

One of my favorite things about Twist Collective is the beautiful and creative photography. One of the stories in the Spring/Summer 2011 issue is called Paper Dolls. The photo above shows how all of the photographs in this section show the knitwear as part of a papercrafted scene—anyone who knows me knows that this is the perfect pairing of my two favorite hobbies, knitting and papercrafting. I just love it!

You'll find a lot of your favorite designers in this issue, too. There's Cathy Carron, Anne Berk, Susanna IC, Kristin, Rengren, Mary-Heather Cogar, Sandi Rosner, and so many more!

One of my favorite features in each issue is the list of contributors, in which Twist Collective asked a question and each contributor answers. This issue's question is "What gets you moving?"

Franklin Habit's answer made me chuckle: "I invariably begin my workday by listening to Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance' and Olivia Newton-John's 'Have to believe We Are Magic' (From the Xanadu soundtrack). But this is between you and me, so don't tell anybody."

Sorry, Franklin, your secret is out. (And now "Have to Believe…" is stuck in my head. My own secret: I love Xanadu.)

Check out Twist Collective today!

Happy weekend,

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