Kathleen’s Favorites on the Web: Pickles.no

This could be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Pickles.no is a website that's headquartered in Norway. Two knitters contribute to it—Heidi and Anna—and it's really a knitter's treasure. Anna and Heidi are multi-crafters, just like I am—just look at their cute logo, above! They had me at the cross-stitched "K."

What first drew me to Pickles.no was Heidi and Anna's baby knitting patterns. This turban is the most precious thing I've ever seen! (And the accompanying coat isn't too shabby either. If you love knitting for babies (and knitting for children, too!), there are so many patterns on Pickles.no, you won't know where to start!

The Puff Daddy. I love it! The pickles gals have patterns for smaller versions, too.

What put me over the edge, though, is the Puff Daddy stool. I've seen these knitted stools in shops for upwards of $300 bucks, and I always knew I could knit them up myself for mere dollars, in some sort of hearty, bulky, acrylic yarn.

And then what do you know, Anna and Heidi come up with a pattern! It's so cute, and perfect for just about any decor, especially if you're a knitter!

Between the turban and the stool, I knew I had to share the Pickles.no goodness with you Knitting Daily folks. So enjoy!


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