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Are you a list-maker like I am? I have all kinds of lists on my desk: a grocery list, an outdoor chore list, a hardware store list, a "things Gramma needs at the retirement home" list, and the ubiquitous to-do list.

This time of year I start another list, in fact it's my favorite list—a Christmas list!

Everyone in my life knows I'm a knitter, so I always get cute knitting notions and beautiful single skeins of luxury yarns. I've trained my people very well, and I'm very lucky they asked for training!

Do you need to let your people know what knitting goodness you'd like this year? Here's a list of my recommendations; feel free to pass it on.

Knitting Green: Conversations and Planet Friendly Projects is just what we need for these eco-conscious times. Editor Ann Budd brings together knitting pros to discuss their feelings about conservation and share clever and beautiful patterns that help us protect our planet. From yarn choices to washing your handknits, you'll be inspired to knit greener and live greener.
Knitting Daily TV Series 500 is a must-have for all of you knitters who want be up on design trends, new and favorite designers, tips and tricks, and any knitter who wants to go from good knitting to great knitting. I've learned so much from KDTV, and I promise that you will too!
Northern Knits: Designs Inspired by the Knitting Traditions of Scandinavia, Iceland, and the Shetland Isles is the knitting book for the armchair traveler. Author Lucinda Guy takes you to the northland, home to so many beautiful knitting traditions. Don't be surprised if your copy of Northern Knits  comes littered with Post-Its marking the things the gifter wants you to knit for him or her!  
Sockupied is truly revolutionary. You can use it from your computer (windows or Mac), viewing videos, watching animated tutorials, enjoying annotated photographs, and much more. The patterns are all presented as PDF downloads, too, so you can print them out and put them in your knitting bag. I love it, and you will too!

The Haapsalu Shawl: A Knitted Lace Tradition from Estonia.

Last but most certainly not least is one of the most important and special knitting books published in the last few years: The Haapsalu Shawl: A Knitted Lace Tradition from Estonia. This wonderful book is so beautiful that I keep it on my coffee table. If you're a lace shawl knitter, or if you aspire to be one, this book is essential for you.

Learn the history of lace shawls, complete with authentic patterns and tutorials; this is the whole package. Put it on your Christmas list or give it to a knitter in your life (it would be perfect for the person who taught you to knit!). It's a gift to treasure for a lifetime.

I hope you use these gift ideas to fill up your Christmas list, and just FYI, today is the last day of our Interweave Store sale, so pick up gifts for your knitter friends!


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