Just for You: 7 Free Sock Knitting Patterns!

7 Free Sock Knitting PatternsI'm gearing up for Sock Club at my local yarn shop next week, so in that spirit I wanted to give you some free sock patterns. Seven free patterns, in fact, so download our free, updated sock eBook, Knitting Socks with Knitting Daily: 7 Free Sock Knitting Patterns, now with two new patterns!

We've added On Your Toes Socks, a toe-up ribbed design that's so versatile you can knit a pair for everyone in your family; and Genome Socks, which are beautiful, cabled sock-wardrobe staples—you'll want a pair of these in all your favorite colors.

We've kept our five popular Knitting Daily sock patterns for you here, too: For the lace fiends amongst you, there's Ann Budd's delicate lacy Seduction Socks. For a cozy treat, how about a pair of gorgeous colorwork socks—the Caspian Sea Socks by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts? For everyday wear, or for the man in your life, there's the richly cabled William Street Socks by Lisa Shroyer, or the classicly textured Diagonal Rib Socks by Ann Budd. And for a quick, easy project, try the beginner sock pattern—large needles and large yarn!—called Comfy Socks, brought to you by the talented folks over at Knitscene magazine.

So gather some friends and start your own sock club! Download your free sock knitting eBook today for enough patterns to keep you busy for at least the next several months. And be sure to forward this email to your friends so they can download their own copy of 7 FREE Sock Knitting Patterns!

Have fun!


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