Just a Little Knit Shawl


Ship That Shawl. I love the look on the model’s face: “Which yarn should I buy?”

I have little shawls on my mind. I talked last week about my red shawl that’s next in the queue, and today, I’m loving Ship That Shawl by Megi Burcl.

We’re getting ready for the new year and a whole slew of new kits, too, so we need to clear the decks for the upcoming arrivals. The Ship That Shawl Kit is one of our overstock kits, and I DON’T KNOW WHY!! It’s so cool!

Ship That Shawl is perfect when you need a chic accessory, or use it as a scarf for this winter weather we’re having here in the Pacific Northwest.

The finished measurement is 48″ wide and 10½” tall, and it’s knit with beautiful yarn (more about that below).

This little shawl is an accessory that spans the seasons; check out how cute it is:


Several views of Ship That Shawl by Megi Burcl

The kit comes with one ball of Freia Fine Handpaint Fingering Ombré in Oro Azteca, one ball of Freia Fine Handpaint Sock Yarn in Elephant, and a copy of Knitscene Accessories 2015, which contains the pattern.

Freia Fine Handpaint is absolutely stunning. Every time I go to a knitting convention and Freia has a booth in the trade show, I end up with at least four new balls of it. I have two worsted balls that are slated for a cabled hat—I might need to bump that one up on the list.


Freia Fine Handpaint Fingering Ombré in Oro Azteca

The Oro Azteca colorway is a beautiful mix of chartreuse and shades of gray. You can see the colors blend from one to another in the photo at left. The Elephant colored sock yarn coordinates perfectly, bridging the sections beautifully.

The shape of this knit shawl is another winning aspect. It’s knit to fit around your shoulders and stay put, without big gaps. I love the extra thought that Megi put into the design. This shaping makes Ship That Shawl even more flattering.

So come on, knitters, snap up this beautiful knit shawl kit while you still can. Mine is on its way. I’ve been meaning to get this kit, and I really can’t pass it up now that it’s on sale!


P.S. Do you have little shawls in your knitting wardrobe? What do you like about them? Leave a comment below and weigh in!

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