Get a Jump Start on Your Holiday Knitting!

I know what you’re thinking: it’s July! Holiday knitting now? It’s too hot, and all we want is to sit by a pool with a cold drink and a tiny knitting project, preferably in a cotton yarn. No wools or big shawls, thankyouverymuch. I feel you, fellow knitters, but hear me out.

If you start thinking now about what to make your loved ones this holiday season, you’re doing yourself a huge favor. No last-minute scramble to find and knit the perfect pattern, no half-finished project under the tree with promises to complete it in the New Year. Start planning your holiday knitting now and save yourself some holiday stress! To help you, here’s a list of awesome projects for every person on your list.

There is no time like the present to start holiday knitting.

Knit your mom something cozy this year! Clockwise from left: Squall Line Shawl, Moccasocks, Hudson Wrap. Squall Line Shawl and Moccasocks photos by Harper Point Photography; Hudson Wrap photo by Joe Hancock

For Your Mom

I don’t know about your mom, but mine is always cold. So when I think about gifts to make for her, I have warm projects in mind! I think she’d love the ultra-cozy Moccasocks from Interweave Knits Holiday 2016 or the lovely and warm Squall Line Shawl from Knits Fall 2015 (or both, for maximum coziness!). The Hudson Wrap from Knits Winter 2015, which is big enough to be a blanket, is also a contender!

There is no time like the present to start holiday knitting.

Keep it subtle for a gift Dad will love. Clockwise from left: Spruce Creek Scarf, Captain’s Return Hat, Thompson River Socks. Spruce Creek Scarf and Thompson River Socks photos by Harper Point Photography; Captain’s Return Hat photo by Joe Hancock

For Your Dad

We’ve mentioned before that knitting for men can be tough because they tend to dislike anything too patterned or textured or colorful—basically, anything fun. My dad isn’t afraid of texture, but he does prefer a muted palette, so I’m thinking the sturdily cabled Captain’s Return Hat from Knits Gifts 2014 or the beautifully textured and reversible Spruce Creek Scarf from knitscene Handmade. I’m also considering the Thompson River Socks from Knits Fall 2016—the cables and main color are subtle enough for Dad, but the pops of red colorwork keep them fun.

There is no time like the present to start holiday knitting.

For the ladies in your life, knit fun colors and textures they’ll love. Clockwise from left: Morgan Hat, Buckwheat Cowl, Traveler’s Socks. Photos by Harper Point Photography

For Your Sister/Gal Pals

I love buying and making things for my sister! We have pretty similar taste, so she’s easy to shop for, whether I’m buying her this awesome tote for her birthday or choosing a pattern I think she’ll love. This year, I have my eye on the Morgan Hat from Wool Studio Vol. 3, which is one of my favorite patterns from 2016 (bonus: it’s available in a kit!), or the Buckwheat Cowl from Knits Holiday 2017, which has a gorgeous color and texture I know she’ll love. The Traveler’s Socks from Knits Holiday 2016 are another option—she has something really similar in her Ravelry queue, so I know she’ll love them!

There is no time like the present to start holiday knitting.

Think subtle texture and colors for the guys on your list. Clockwise from left: Mason’s Scarf, Two Cables Socks, Mason’s Hat. Photos by Harper Point Photography

For Your Brother/Guy Pals

My brothers are notoriously difficult to find gifts for, but I think knitting for them will be easier than shopping for them! For them, I like Mason’s Hat and Mason’s Scarf from Knits Holiday 2016; there’s fun texture for me, but nothing so over the top that they won’t wear it. The beautifully cabled but subdued Two Cables Socks from Knits Holiday 2016are also a good option for picky guys!

There is no time like the present to start holiday knitting.

Make something adorable for the kids in your life! Clockwise from left: Yeti for Bed, Tedmund Troll, Mr. Robotics, Little Snowflake Sweater. Yeti for Bed and Little Snowflake Sweater photos by Harper Point Photography; Tedmund Troll and Mr. Robotics photos by George Boe

For the Kiddos

Kid knits are super fun and so dang cute! I just can’t resist them. Some of my top contenders this year for my nieces and nephews are the darling Yeti for Bed from Knits Holiday 2017 and the infinitely huggable Mr. Robotics and Tedmund Troll from Knit & Crochet Toys. I’m also really thinking of making my little nephew the Little Snowflake Sweater from Knits Holiday 2016, because it would be a pretty quick knit and it’s just about the cutest sweater ever!

I know it seems early, but start perusing patterns now so you won’t get behind on your holiday knitting this year! And during our Christmas in July sale, you can buy two patterns and get one free, so this is the perfect time to buy the gift patterns you’ve had your eye on. Or maybe get two gift patterns and one for yourself—we won’t judge!

Happy holiday knitting!

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