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The Vera Cardigan

Are you ready to start our fall knit-along? We’re going to cast on September first, and I wanted to put out a reminder today just in case you haven’t yet gotten your copy of Perfectly Feminine Knits. It’s on sale for six bucks! So if you’ve been waffling about joining the knit-along, this should push you over to the “yes!” side.

The Vera cardigan knitting pattern is a wonderful fall pattern, it’s perfect for throwing over your shoulders as you run out the door to take your kids to soccer, go grocery shopping, or meet your friends at the knit shop.

The body portion is knit in the broken rib stitch pattern, which is easy and pretty. Here’s how it works:

BROKEN RIB (multiple of 2 sts + 1)
ROW 1: (RS) Knit.
ROW 2: K1, (p1, k1) to end of row.
Rep Rows 1 and 2.

I like this stitch pattern quite a lot. It’s stretchy like traditional ribbing, but there’s a little more to it visually.

There are some really nice details and shaping at the neckline and shoulders, too. Check it out:



Vera Cardigan, sleeve detail

I took a quick look at the pattern, and it looks like the shoulder seams are sewn with the bind offs showing, so they are mattress-stitched from the wrong side. Increases and decreases are artfully placed to create a sense of movement at the neckline; I love that detail!

One thing I may change is the sleeves. They’re knit in reverse stockinette, which I just noticed when I was choosing photos for this newsletter. I think I may do the sleeves in stockinette. I’ve recently finished a sweater that uses a lot of reverse stockinette, and I’m kinda over it.

The reverse stockinette does pick up the little purl bumps in the broken rib stitch pattern . . . I don’t know. What do you think?

Colorwise, I’m going to be knitting this in a taupey beige. I have a bunch of leftover yarn, Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran, from a project that I knit a couple of years ago. This yarn is discontinued, unfortunately, but I enjoyed working with it, and I’d like to use it up. It’s a beautiful yarn with great stitch definition.

I’m knitting this for my mom, which will be fun. Because this is knit from Aran-weight yarn on US 10s, it should work up quickly.

To join the knit-along, join us in the Ravelry group, and if you don’t have your book yet, download the eBook version of Perfectly Feminine Knits for just $6!


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