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A note from Kathleen: A new eMag is here, Simply Sockupied, and it's all about sock knitting fundamentals. From the anatomy of a sock to how to turn a heel, you'll learn about sock knitting step-by-step (pun intended!). It's perfect for beginners and the patterns will appeal to sock knitters of all levels. I've invited Simply Sockupied editor Anne Merrow here to introduce you to all this eMag has to offer. Here she is!

Sock knitting can be bewildering at first.
There are so many choices: Socks can be toe-up or top-down. They can be extremely inexpensive or totally decadent. They can be super-simple or head-scratchingly complex.

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Simply Elegant Cable Socks  
Ann's Go-To Socks  

But when you know how to knit socks, you can make them any way you want to.

Our newest eMag, Simply Sockupied, will teach you basic techniques, show you ways to make the process easier, and help you take the next step in knitting socks.

Expert teachers such as Ann Budd, Angela Davis, and Deb Barnhill share new designs along with their favorite tips to make sock knitting easy and fun. And if you get stuck, we're here to help you every step of the way!

We're hosting the first Sockupied knit-along on the brand-new eMag blog! Some Interweave staffers want to build their sock skills, too, so knitters of all levels will be working through patterns at the same time you are.

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  Speed Bump Socks

To join the knit along, just download Simply Sockupied, gather your yarn and needles, and check into the forum to introduce yourself. In the forum, you'll post your questions and comments, photos of your work in progress, and support for your fellow sock knitters! It's such fun to share your tips and learn from each other.

Here are the Interweavers who are taking part in the knit-along:

—Knits Designer Charlene Tiedemann, Managing Editor Allison Mackin, and Editorial Assistant Kathy Mallo are all making the Custom Cuff Socks.

Assistant Editor Amanda Williams, Crochet Me Editor Toni Rexroat, Knits Editor Eunny Jang, Senior Project Editor Joni Coniglio, and Specialty Fiber Marketing Specialist Whitney Dorband are making Simply Elegant Cable Socks.

—Knitscene Assistant Editor Amy Palmer, Crochet Project Editor Sarah Read, Audience Development Manager Tiffany Worthley, and I are making the Speed Bump Socks.

—Project Editor Larissa Gibson, Book Production Coordinator Jaime Osterlund, eMag intern Abbi Byrd are making Ann’s Go-to Socks.

—Books Designer Julia Boyles, Book Acquisitions Editor Allison Korleski, Circulation Manager Barbara Naslund, and Book Editor Erica Smith are making the Up + Down Socks.

What I think is very interesting is that there are some people here who have never worked in the round, and there are some who are pros (Eunny and Amy!), and there are some experienced knitters who haven't knitted socks (Joni Coniglio!). The experienced knitters were drawn to the fun of it, love of a particular pattern, or a desire to knit something that wouldn't be too hard for them. More beginning knitters were interested in building their skills and getting support from the group. A number of people had wanted to knit socks but they'd heard it was hard. Although Simply Sockupied is designed to walk knitters through knitting their first socks, the appeal of a simple but clever pattern runs the gamut.

So download your issue of Simply Sockupied and join us in the knit-along! We're looking forward to meeting you.


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