Seaming is no Cause for Screaming in Lily Chin’s Join As You Go Knitting Workshop

I remember the first time I discovered the concept of top-down, seamless knitting, and it was revelatory. Here was a way to knit a garment essentially in one piece, with no purgatory of sewing at the end (aside from the underarms and they don’t really count.) But as delightful as that method is, there is another way to remove (nearly) all seaming from your knitting projects. This method is called join as you go, and Lily Chin is a master at it.

join as you go

No sewing here!

Lily Chin’s Join as You Go Knitting workshop grew from her own aversion to sewing. Through an artful combination of picking up stitches, casting on others, and the clever use of decreases, Lily can make just about any project she wants…without any seams.

join as you go

Fake intarsia, 2 ways

Even if you are not sewing-averse, join as you go knitting lets you do nifty, knitty tricks, like faking intarsia or inserting whole new panels into already-knitted garments. We are on the cusp of the holidays and well into Candy Season, so the ability to add several inches of girth to my favorite sweater, via a vertical-and-totally-seamless insert, is innately appealing. (Appalling, perhaps, but appealing nonetheless.)

Want to make your favorite sweater a bit larger? No one will know.

Joining as you go is a form of modular knitting, and it’s a great way to add collars, button bands, and other finishing doo-dads with little effort and great polish. Lily describes herself as “all about the options, baby,” and this workshop gives you a whole new set of tools for your knitting. Sweater weather is around the corner, so why not add these to your knitting toolbox and register to watch today?

Join As You Go Knitting is now a streamable workshop you can watch at your own pace—anywhere, anytime, on any device. Buy the course outright and the videos are yours to download and keep forever.

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  1. Karen D at 11:04 am October 7, 2019

    Can it be used in amigurumi? that’s about the only reason I don’t make them: all the little pieces. Most things I can figure out how to do in the round.

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