Be Like the Jeopardy! Knitter: Shawls to Propel You to Game Show Victory

Recently, two women have appeared on the game show Jeopardy! in handmade knitted shawls. One of the contestants even spoke with host Alex Trebek about her shawl and told him she finished it while studying to be on the show. How awesome is that?! I now refer to her as “the Jeopardy! knitter.”

Wouldn’t you love to see a knitters’ takeover of popular game shows? I can picture it now: contestants in their handknits solving puzzles, answering questions, playing games, and showing off the versatility of knitted shawls. What a great way to demonstrate the awesomeness of knitting! So let’s do it, knitters. Pick one of these shawls to knit, get on one of those game shows, and show the world what knitters can do!

The recent Jeopardy! knitter wore a shawl similar to the waxwing1. Waxwing Shawl

The contestant who won Jeopardy! on June 13 wore a shawl similar to the gorgeous Waxwing Shawl from Interweave Knits Winter 2017. I believe her shawl has been identified by the expert sleuths on Ravelry as the Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf (with beads added to the edging). No matter the pattern, lace is beautiful under the bright stage lights!

2. Arnica Shawl

The other knitting Jeopardy! winner triumphed over her competitors in the Vintage Fremont shawl by Jami Brynildson. If you love this type of minimalist look in a shawl, try the Arnica Shawl from knitscene Spring 2015. That yellow is sure to keep all eyes on you!

3. Blake Shawl

Show off the modern side of knitting with the trendy-yet-classic Blake Shawl from knitscene Fall 2017. Wrap it once or twice, or let it hang loose—whatever you choose, you’re sure to look stylish while you’re calling out those answers.

Do you think the Jeopardy! knitter would knit the Resistance Shawl?

Do you think the Jeopardy! knitter would knit the Resistance Shawl?

4. Resistance Shawl

Give your game-show look a unique twist with the Resistance Shawl! This triangular shawl from knitscene Accessories 2013 is on the smaller side, so you won’t overheat under the stage lights, but it still packs a big visual punch. (Pssst! We’re offering this shawl as a kit in August, so be sure to come back then!)

5. Edmonia Shawl

Show off your knitting—and intellectual—prowess in the Edmonia Shawl from Interweave Knits Fall 2016. This striking piece features eyelet and mesh motifs and two different edgings for a funky, modern knit that will draw the attention of both viewers and your fellow contestants (I like that strategy—let knitting give you an edge by distracting the competition!).

What knitted shawl would you wear on a game show? Would you keep it simple and streamlined or go for something more intricate like lace? Let us know in the comments!


Header Image Credit: Getty Images/alashi

The Spirit of the Jeopardy! Knitter Is with You!

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