Jane Austen Knits Corrections 2011

Short Stays, Page 31

  • Under Body: Size 32 (36, -, -) should only rep the last 2 rows 2 (1, -, -) more times resulting in 128 (146, -, -) sts.
  • Under Left and Right Front: Neck dec row: . . . should rep the last 4 rows 0 (0, 2, 2) more time(s)—20 (25, 19, 27) sts rem. Rep the last 2 rows 5 (7, 3, 7) more times—10 (11, 13, 13) sts rem.
  • Under Back: Shape neck and left shoulder: Where it says “knit to end” and “purl to end” it should say “work” to end, to maintain the pattern.

Georgiana Shawlette, Page 34
Under Upper edge: It should say, Row 3: (RS) *K2tog, yo; rep from * to last st, k1.

Aran for Frederick, Page 40
View Revised Chart Here
In the Double Wave chart the current row 18 should be eliminated and all subsequent rows should slide down one. Then the old row 32 should be repeated as the new row 32. It’s not really noticeable when working the sleeves in the round, but, when swatching, cable crossing rows switch from odd to even and the waves become uneven.

Barton Cottage Shrug, Page 58
View Key Here (The Key was missing in the original publication.)

Northanger Abbey Hood, Page 78
Knit the trim with the smallest, size 6 (4mm) needles to keep the hood a closer fit.

Lydia Military Spencer, Page 80
See Glossary LL1 explanation

Josephine Shawl, Page 107
View Revised Chart Here
The indicated 16-st repeat of the Border B chart should be shifted one stitch to the left so that it starts with the 15th st of each row for the entire chart.