Jane Austen Knits 2014


Highbury Top
Josie Mercier

Men’s Driving Gloves
Donna Kay 

Eliza’s Hat
Lisa Cruse

Harriet’s Little Shoulder Shawl
Hannah Poon 


Jane’s Barathea Mitts
Angela Hahn

Fine Stockings
Lisa Jacobs

A Second Chance for Mr. Rushworth Socks
Emily Gilbert


Kitty’s Chemise
Katya Frankel


Socks for Mr. Bennet’s Leisure
Josie Mercier


Cassandra’s Tea Cozy
Anne Berk


Col. Fitzwilliam’s Huswife
Lisa Jacobs 





Kellynch Cardigan
Kathleen Dames

Dashwood Lace Stole
Izumi Ouchi 

Strawberry Picking Shrug
Kathleen Dames

Regency Blouse
Alexis Di Gregorio

Accomplished Ladies’ Reticule
Hannah Poon

Susan’s Bonnet
Lisa Cruse 



A Shawl for Emma
Susanna IC 

Abbey Mill Farm Vest
Anne Poslesak

Fitzwilliam’s Gift
Karen Joan Raz

Brighton Shawl
Lisa Jacobs

Catherine’s Bonnet
Katya Frankel

Little Man Waistcoat
Lissa Snyder 

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