Jagger Spun: Richer Colorwork with Heathers

|Sponsored| Made in Maine at the Jagger Brothers Mill, Jagger Spun’s Heathers are a unique line of 100% wool yarns. Initially developed in the 1960s for commercial menswear manufacturers, the Heathers began with a dark palette of browns, blues, grays, and greens. Over time, the line has evolved. Using 14 top-dyed base colors, Jagger Spun has developed 37 distinct heathered colors. The simplest colors may have only 2 base colors (like blending yellow + natural = Maize). More complex colors such as Sunset, Midnight, or Slate blend up to 7 bases.

Jagger Spun from roving to yarn

Jagger Spun combines up to 7 top-dyed base colors at a time to create the 37 complex worsted-spun Heather colors, which are available in fingering, sport, and worsted-weight yarn. Midnight is pictured above.

Why blend so many colors?

For the unique richness of heathered yarns, of course! Even in a solid project, the blend of colors within the yarn gives the knitting depth and increases the visual interest. Heathered yarns also shine in colorwork, where the undertones of each yarn combine in a gently shaded effect. The color complexity of heathers, combined with Jagger Brothers Mill’s worsted spinning process, creates a special yarn with a smoother surface and beautiful sophisticated finish.

Jagger Spun Heathers Worsted Weight is used in the Sandy Neck Pullover by Moira Engel – one of many gorgeous cable projects from Interweave Knits Fall 2018.

Spinning a deep fiber history.

The mill has been family-owned and operated since its founding in 1898. The Jagger family traces its history back to Uriah B. Jagger, a yarn spinner who moved to the United States from England in 1884 and whose sons founded the company in Maine in 1898. Successive generations have run the business since then, including current owner David Jagger. This continuity in ownership and mission has certainly contributed to the company’s longevity.

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