From Loom to Needles: The Jacquard Mittens Kit

The must-have mitten project for this season is the Jacquard Mittens from Interweave Knits Holiday 2017. Jacquard is a weaving technique developed in 1804 that revolutionized the production and appearance of woven textiles. Designer Sherrie Kibler adapted this historical technique for knitting using a clever combination of slipped stitches and yarn floats. The result is a unique fabric with diagonal patterning that sits on top of the knitted fabric. This natural layering creates an extra-warm layer of fabric to keep your hands toasty this winter.

The Jacquard pattern is deceptively simple, and once you find your groove, it will become second nature. I want you to have confidence in casting on these mittens, so I’ve created a short video to walk you through the basics of this stitch pattern. Grab some yarn, needles, and a cup of holiday cheer and let’s walk through this stitch pattern together.

The Jacquard Mittens Kit comes in three colorways: the original brown, a dark and light gray option, and a red and blue option. Each kit comes with a copy of Interweave Knits Holiday 2017, which includes 21 additional patterns to make your winter bright, and enough yarn to make one pair of mittens. Brown Sheep Company’s Lamb’s Pride Worsted is a wonderful blend of wool and mohair that softly showcases the Jacquard stitch pattern. Order your new favorite mitten kit today and master a unique stitch pattern in the process.

Yours in yarn,
Gus C. Baxter

Make it a Knits Holiday Kind of Season!

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