Interweave Knits Summer 2019: Beachside Living Brought Indoors

Ah, summertime knitting. I have such a strange relationship with knitting in the summer—as, I’m sure, many of you do. Some people happily knit through the warm season and don’t let it deter them from being any less prolific than the rest of the year. I, however, always tend to take a break in the summer in favor of reading more books and not melting into a puddle.

Photographing garments for our summertime issue presents its own set of problems, as it tends to be scheduled in the winter because of our very early production schedule. So, we don’t often get to photograph the garments in the environments for which they were made. This issue was photographed in a studio in January, several months before landing on newsstands.

What we hoped to achieve with the photo shoot for Interweave Knits Summer 2019 was a feeling of beachside living brought indoors. How do we do that? We bring in natural light to the environment and warm things up with summery, beachy backdrops that mimic the ocean and sand. The overall wardrobe is relaxed and flowing, and it creates the feeling of being on a seaside vacation—instant leisure.

Six of the garments in our Shoreside Sweater story. All photos by Harper Point Photography.

The 11 sweaters featured in the Shoreside Sweater story are for a range of summer environments—some are for cooler weather and others can be worn even on a hot day. You’re bound to find a top that will work regardless of your climate. The sweater, wraps, and socks in the Splash of Colorwork story are great for summer hiking, camping, and general outdoor adventuring.

The remaining five sweaters in the Shoreside Sweater story. All photos by Harper Point Photography.

If you aren’t looking to knit this summer but want to remain inspired, we have some gorgeous nautical-themed notions for you to stock up on—beach-glass stitch markers, anyone? The technical article in this issue focuses on sock heels, so you can learn the difference between afterthought and peasant heels. Finally, Ravelings includes a musing on that “souvenir skein” of yarn we stumble upon during the dog days of summer.

Our Splash of Colorwork story will have you seeking out vivid yarns to play along with these fun designs! All photos by Harper Point Photography.

Whatever you are looking to do this summer, I hope the projects, articles, and products in Interweave Knits Summer 2019 inspire you in whatever way that you—wherever you are—need to be inspired.

Knit on, summer lovers –

Summer knitting has never looked so good.

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