IWK Summer 2008 Wallis Cardigan

Gallery: Wallis Cardigan, design by Melissa Wehrle

Interweave Knits Summer 2008

Wallis Cardigan

Classic, feminine, not fussy. A relatively easy knit, for all the style you get out of it! Wonderful. Another favorite amongst the Gallery Gals.

Sample garment is 33.25". Modeled in the magazine with 1" positive ease.

Knitting Gallery - Wallis Debbie Knitting Gallery - Wallis Debbie


Her bust: 34.5"
1.25" negative ease

So cute. I love this on Debbie. I would shorten the sleeves by about 2", however, so that they fell closer to the midpoint of her upper arm. The sleeves look a bit too wide on delicate-boned Debbie, so I would narrow them a bit as well.

Knitting Gallery - Wallis Erin Knitting Gallery - Wallis Stefanie


Her bust: 38"
4.75" negative ease

Stylish and very pretty. Yes, this looks a bit small on Ms. Erin. The next size up is a 37.5", which would be perfect for her. She will need to lengthen the sweater a bit so that it sits at her hips. Notice I am not using the theoretical tense in this paragraph. Ms. Erin votes the Wallis to be the "most likely to be knitted for herself" pattern in this issue.


Her bust: 34"
0.75" negative ease

This looks a bit too small on Stefanie. I would make the next size larger for her, taking care to shorten the sleeves and add enough length so the sweater sits about 2" lower on her hips.

Knitting Gallery - Wallis Sandi Knitting Gallery - Wallis Sandi


Her bust 38.5"
Belly 34.5"
Hips 38.5"
5.25" negative ease

Even mamas-to-be need handknit glory! Expectant Katie looks great in this sweater, so we snapped a shot of her to show how versatile the Wallis is. It looks fabulous on her. Maybe by the Fall galleries we'll have a little one to model some baby things for us!


Her bust: 41"
7.75" negative ease

I was shy about wearing this with the fasteners closed, but finally did it for the Greater Glory of Knitting. There you have it, folks: nearly 8" of negative ease. Pretty darn tight. I would probably choose the third size provided, the 41.25", and I would shorten the sleeves so they did not fall at the same level as The Girls, who get quite enough attention on their own, thank you very much. I think I would add another set or two of the patterning rows at the bottom of the sweater to lengthen it and have it sit lower on my hips.

Knitting Gallery - Wallis Sandi Knitting Gallery - Wallis Bertha

Sandi, wearing it open

Her bust: 41"
7.75" negative ease


Her bust: 34"
0.75" negative ease

Stunning. On Bertha, this looks like a classic sweater from the forties. Even so, I might make the sweater shorter for her, so that the pattern section sits on her hips. Also, the sleeves are quite long. Or at least, I think they are quite long. It's hard to tell without the arms in them.


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