IWK Summer 2008 Wakame Lace Tunic

Gallery: Wakame Lace Tunic, design by Angela Hahn

Interweave Knits Summer 2008The Gallery Gals loved the graceful, flowing lines of this tunic. We thought you could dress it up with a full skirt or shiny pants and colorful, dangly earrings; or, if you made it in bamboo, cotton, linen, or hemp, it would be great for a lovely brunch on the beach. (One can dream.)

Wakame Lace Tunic

Sample garment measures 37" and is shown with 5" positive ease in the magazine.

Knitting Gallery - Wakame Lace Tunic Stefanie Knitting Gallery - Wakame Lace Tunic Katie


Her bust: 34"
3" positive ease

What if Stefanie wore this with a pair of shiny black pants and some killer gold shoes? Off to the ball with you, Cinderella. I can't see any changes that I would make here.


Her bust: 38.5"
1.5" negative ease

For those of you who might not have noticed, Katie is pregnant, and we put this tunic on her just to see what it looked like. This is a pretty killer maternity top, folks. The only problem? There's not much room to grow in the belly area, and Katie still has a few months to go before Baby shows up!

Knitting Gallery - Wakame Lace Tunic Debbie Knitting Gallery - Wakame Lace Tunic Erin


Her bust: 34.5"
2.5" positive ease

My only comment here is that I think the sleeves end at the same level as Debbie's hips, which are her widest bit, creating a longer horizontal line in the place where perhaps she does not need any more horizontal interest. Shortening the sleeves by one lace repeat would definitely help. I also wonder if the mesh hip band could be raised by working fewer repeats of the top piece so that that mesh band hits Debbie a little higher, just below her natural waist. (OK, I guess that was two comments.)


Her bust: 38"
1" negative ease

I think I would lower the mesh horizontal band, as Erin is so tall–if we added a full repeat of the lace pattern up top, that would also add enough length to the tunic overall for tall Erin. For a more drapey look, Erin could knit the next size up, 40.75", and that would give her almost 3" of positive ease. I think it would look more elegant on her in the larger size.

Knitting Gallery - Wakame Lace Tunic Bertha


Her bust: 34"
3" positive ease

Bertha, you look gorgeous, darling, simply gorgeous. Notice how the mesh band forms a dropped hip style, very twenties. The neckline is wide and graceful, the drape beautiful.

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