IWK Summer 2008 Roped Shell

Gallery: Roped Shell, design by Angela Hahn

Interweave Knits Summer 2008Notes in pattern advise no more than 2" negative ease max and no more than 2" positive ease max in order to not distort the stitch pattern.

Overall: Good golly, Ms. Molly. This is just darn gorgeous in person. The fabric is to die for, the knitting is extremely fine work (Ms. Hahn, take a bow, if you would). There are details in this shell that blow my mind: the roped edging at neck and hem, the false seam is a lovely design element (and a clever one, too: it conceals the pattern "jog" caused by knitting in the round); the draped back neckline is just breathtaking. When I first saw this tank, I thought: "Well. I could just sing, this is so pretty."

Roped Shell

Tank shown measures 33.25" in mag.

Knitting Gallery - Roped Shell Debbie Knitting Gallery - Roped Shell Debbie


Her bust 34.5"
1.25" negative ease, which is pretty close to the 1.5" negative ease recommended for this size.

I LOVE the back of this and how it fits on Debbie. Of course, if she were wearing this for real, she would wear different undergarments, but look at the lovely drape at the back neck. The front neck is also lovely on her; whether or not it is too low is up to Debbie and how daring she feels. The cabled "straps" could be a bit shorter, which would pull up the neckline as well as the armholes.

Knitting Gallery - Roped Shell Stefanie Knitting Gallery - Roped Shell Stefanie


Her bust 34"
0.75" Negative Ease

This makes a lovely maternity top, although I think Katie might be more comfortable in the next size up. More length would help cover her belly as the pregnancy continues. After the baby is born, the 40" size would still fit Katie's normal 35" bust with a lovely, loose drape.

Knitting Gallery - Roped Shell Sandi Knitting Gallery - Roped Shell Bertha


Her bust: 41"
7.75" Negative Ease

I wore this for the minimum time necessary to get a photo, since I was worried about stretching it out! A bit tight, indeed. The 40" size would definitely be a better fit on me. I personally prefer a higher neckline than shown in this photo; the neckline here is of course being pulled down a bit by The Girls. Nice waist shaping, though.

Knitting Gallery - Roped Shell Bertha Knitting Gallery - Roped Shell Bertha


Her bust: 34"
0.75" Negative Ease


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