IWK Summer 2008 Imprint Tank

Gallery: Imprint Tank, design by Sarah Hoadley

Interweave Knits Summer 2008Don't be scared of intarsia, say the Gallery Gals, especially not if it gives you a top like this one! (And by the way, Sarah? Designer Sarah? The inside of this garment is as pretty as the outside–all those color changes and yarn twists are beautiful. Well done!)

You might think that a worsted weight cotton is too heavy for warm weather, but, if you are going to something dressy, like a meeting or the office, what else are you going to wear? Clingy polyester? A suit jacket? C'mon, this is perfect for those warm-weather "I've-got-to-wow-'em" events, and no dry-cleaning bill afterwards. We all loved the soft, breathable fabric and the complexion-friendly colors.

Of course, you could throw all caution to the winds and wear this with jeans and pretty shoes. Sit at an outside cafe in THAT outfit and see if anyone asks you to star in their next blockbuster movie.

Imprint Tank

Sample garment shown is 34.5".

Knitting Gallery - Imprint Tank Stefanie Knitting Gallery - Imprint Tank Debbie


Her bust: 34"
0.5" positive ease

A perfect fit! If Stefanie wanted a little more waist shaping, she could add that in, but it looks great on her.


Her bust: 34.5"
zero ease

What is it with Debbie and these tops? She looks fabulous, ready to walk straight into the boardroom and impress a bunch of attorneys or accountants or something. The armholes do seem a tiny bit large, I will say, but other than that: Go Debbie!

Knitting Gallery - Imprint Tank Erin Knitting Gallery - Imprint Tank Erin Back


Her bust: 38"
3.5" negative ease

Erin definitely needs a larger size in this top, and fortunately, the next size up is a 39", which would be just about right. The bustline pulls too much here…"But wait," you say, "Sandi–how can you tell that the bustline is too tight here? It looks like it fits!" Notice how on Ms. Erin, the fourth circle up from the hem looks bigger than the others? It's not bigger, it is the same size as the others–or at least, it was when it was knitted. It just looks larger because Erin's curves are pulling it out of shape. On a patterned sweater, whether lace, colorwork, textures, or cables, if the pattern gets pulled out of shape over some curve of your body, then the sweater is too tight. (This is subject to personal taste, the style of the garment, and whether the pattern was intended to be enlarged by curves, of course. Use your judgment and all that jazz.) If Erin made the next size up, she might still have to lengthen the top by perhaps a full pattern repeat and bring the waist shaping down by about 1-2" to match the location of her actual waist.

Knitting Gallery - Imprint Tank Bertha


Her bust: 34"
0.5" positive ease

Bertha can join Debbie in the boardroom, methinks.

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