IWK Summer 2008 Folded Cowl Tee

Gallery: Folded Cowl Tee, design by Michelle Katerberg

Interweave Knits Summer 2008We LOVED this tee. We also quickly discovered that if the bust shaping wasn't too pronounced, the tee could be worn with either side as the front! We were delighted with how it looked either way. The front neckline is higher than the back, providing the little "cowl" effect that gives the tee its name. Since front necklines are generally lower than the back, this is also what makes the tee wearable two ways: as the gentle cowl neck with the lace detail at front hem, or as a scoop neck with lace detail at back hem. Other differences between front and back? The REAL front, with the lace detailing at the hem, has little pleats at the shoulders; the back is smooth at the shoulders. The front of the sample has short-row bust shaping, which, at least in the sample's dimensions, did not seem to show that much when the shirt was worn backwards. And, of course, there is the charming detail at the hem on the front of the tee. Some folks liked the little lace hem detailing behind them 🙂 The cotton/milk fiber blend was light as air and silky-soft. This was another one we had to check people's backpacks for at the end of the day.

Folded Cowl Tee

Sample sweater measures 34.5" with 1" of short-row bust shaping; in the magazine, it is modeled with 2" of positive ease.

Knitting Gallery - Folded Cowl Tee Stefanie Knitting Gallery - Folded Cowl Tee Stefanie


Her bust: 34"
0.5" positive ease

Stefanie is wearing this sweater backwards at right, and correctly in at left. We liked it either way on her, with a slight preference for how it looked backwards. There you have it.

Knitting Gallery - Folded Cowl Tee Debbie Knitting Gallery - Folded Cowl Tee Erin


Her bust: 34.5"
Minimal/zero ease

Debbie is wearing it backwards, and it looks lovely. The fabric stretches nicely over her curves, the small hem and sleeve detail keep the eye moving. Great shape and fabulous color on Debbie.

Erin, wearing tee as designer intended

Her bust: 38"
2.5" negative ease at bust when worn correctly

When worn correctly, Erin could probably use another inch or so of short-row shaping at the bust. The shirt also needs to be 1-2" longer for tall Erin! Below, we show photos of Erin wearing this tee backwards so you could see how the 1" short-row shaping is barely visible in back. Just room enough for her shoulder blades, methinks.

Knitting Gallery - Folded Cowl Tee Erin Knitting Gallery - Folded Cowl Tee Erin

Erin, wearing tee backwards

Her bust: 38"
3.5" negative ease at bust when worn backwards

Knitting Gallery - Folded Cowl Tee Sandi Knitting Gallery - Folded Cowl Tee Sandi


Her bust: 41"
5.5" negative ease at bust when worn correctly (due to 1" bust shaping)
6.5" negative ease at bust when worn backwards

I tried it on both backwards and, um, frontwards. The short-row bust shaping definitely helped when I was wearing it correctly–remember that if you do 1" of short-row shaping on something with 6.5" of negative ease, you are actually reducing the ease at your bust to only 5.5" negative ease. Obviously, it fits better at the bust with the short-row shaping; however, for a busty gal like myself, I prefer lower necklines rather than the cowl effect. And I like the detailing on the back for myself, because I actually have less on my backside than on my tummy. Detailing on the back gives me a little extra visual interest back there where I am lacking, rather than in front where I am not lacking. I would probably make the tee a bit longer to bring it over my hips; right now, it stops at my widest point, which is not as flattering on me. (I feel compelled to add that what I was wearing underneath had buttons in unfortunate locations…)

Knitting Gallery - Folded Cowl Tee Bertha Knitting Gallery - Folded Cowl Tee Bertha

Bertha, backwards (right) and correctly (left)

Her bust: 34"
0.5" positive ease

This is a little big on Ms. Bertha, unless she's feeling in a loose-and-comfy sort of mood. The long length is kind of nice on her, with her long waist. I also think that the slight cowl effect in the photo at left is very flattering on her. (By the way, Bertha would like folks to know that her necklace was custom-made for her by Michelle Mach, who is my counterpart over on Beading Daily. Custom made, because…it has no clasp and thus slips very easily over Bertha's slender neck. Perfect!)

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