IWK Summer 2008 Elinor Tunic

Gallery: Elinor Tunic, design by Wendy Bernard

Interweave Knits Summer 2008Everyone wanted to take this tunic home with them (we checked everyone's backpack at the end of the day). We were a bit surprised at how great it looked on a variety of body types–we all assumed that the stripe at the hips would look terrible–but it didn't, it looked TERRIFIC!

Elinor Tunic

The sample garment is a size 32". In the magazine, it is modeled with about 2" of negative ease for a tailored fit.

Knitting Gallery - Elinor Tunic Stefanie Knitting Gallery - Elinor Tunic Debbie


Her bust: 34"
2" negative ease

Waaay adorable on Stefanie, who is a perfect fit for this tunic. The only thing I might recommend is enlarging the armholes just a bit, because Ms. Workout Gal Stef's muscular arms need a bit more room to move about.


Her bust: 34.5"
2.5" negative ease

I think this looks a little big on Debbie–not around the bust, but at the waist. Since the 32" is the smallest size, to compensate, I might bring in the waist shaping a bit more to emphasize her hourglass figure. The shoulders seem a bit wide on narrow-shouldered Debbie, so I would narrow those by a half-inch to an inch, so the sleeve edge sits just at the crease of her arm, or even just inside it a bit. However, this really depends on how she is going to wear the top–if she wears it bare-shouldered, as in this photo, the shoulder "straps" would indeed need a bit of narrowing. If she wears it over long-sleeved tops, then the wider straps would not be as noticeable.

Knitting Gallery - Elinor Tunic Sandi Knitting Gallery - Elinor Tunic Sandi Back


Her bust: 41"
9" negative ease (whoo!)

This just goes to show you: Knitted fabric really does stretch. The large gauge (4 sts to an inch) definitely helps. I was actually very comfortable in this top! I was worried about the colorwork band being right at my hips, but after looking at the photos, I think it balances out The Girls up top. What size would I knit? Hm. I'd probably do a size larger, just to be safe. But this size really doesn't look too bad on me. (Wendy, you are a genius, as usual.)

Knitting Gallery - Elinor Tunic Erin Knitting Gallery - Elinor Tunic Bertha


Her bust: 38"
6" negative ease

This is a bit too tight on Ms. Erin, so the next size up, 36", would be perfect for her. She also needs just a bit more length–about an inch or so.


Her bust: 34"
2" negative ease

I think Bertha has lost some weight, don't you? 🙂 This looks a little big on her, especially down around the hips and at the armholes. Of course, actual arms and legs might improve the fit in these areas, but don't say that too loudly—Bertha is very sensitive about her lack of limbs.


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