IWK Summer 2008 Brick Pullover

Gallery: Brick Pullover, design by Kathy Zimmerman

Interweave Knits Summer 2008

Brick Pullover

This pullover has a very unusual construction: The front and back sections with the grid design are rectangles with blunted corners at the top; each sleeve/shoulder/neck section is a single piece. The two sleeve/shoulder/neck pieces are joined vertically at the center back and then sewn to the tops of the front and back rectangles. This forms a modified saddle shoulder, with no seam around the armholes. Interesting!

Sample garment measures 42".

Knitting Gallery - Leaf Kimono Top Erin Knitting Gallery - Leaf Kimono Top Erin


Chest: 39"
Height: 5'11"
3" Positive Ease

Aaron is only wearing one thin layer under the sweater, showing how it looks good on a range of chest sizes. Good length at both hem and sleeve. (It must be noted that Aaron did not want to give the sweater back.)


Chest: 41"
Height: 6'6"
1" Positive Ease

Again, for a summer sweater, this size might be fine; but if Eric wanted to wear anything more than a tee shirt underneath, he would want the next size up. The sleeves definitely need lengthening; he might want the hem just an inch or so longer as well.

Knitting Gallery - Leaf Kimono Top Katie Knitting Gallery - Leaf Kimono Top Sandi


Chest: 35.5"
Height: 5'11"
6.5" Positive Ease

Mark is wearing this sweater over a couple of layers, so it's a good example of how positive ease can help with layering! The length is good, the sleeves are good, and Mark really liked the feel and texture of the cotton/bamboo yarn. He also pointed out that the rusty brick "was not really his color," and said he'd like it in a blue or green.


Chest: 40.5"
Height: 5'9"
1.5" Positive Ease

T.J. is the only knitter in the group, and pointed out that he could make this sweater for himself, thank you very much! He would make the sleeves a bit longer to fit his long arms. For a spring/summer sweater, he felt this amount of ease was fine; but for a winter sweater, he would want the next size up, in order to give himself a bit more ease to fit over another layer or two.

Knitting Gallery - Brick Pullover Sandi

Plus One
Not-Man: Sandi

Chest: 41"
Height: 5'4" on a tall day
1" Positive Ease

This is a VERY comfortable sweater. However, I personally felt that it really called attention to my bustline, in a not-attractive sort of way. The V-neck ends too low, pointing at the horizontal line going straight across the top of my bust. It's kind of like a frame for The Ladies. Not good. Sewing up the V-neck would help, so that it did not point right at that seam. And lowering the seam might help, too! Wonder what it would look like with the seam running below the bustline? Or having the pattern be an all-over pattern? This points to an interesting fact: For men, having that line go across their chest with the contrast between plain and pattern right at chest level helps call attention to their manly chests. For a woman who may not want this kind of attention in that area, the design details would have to be modified according to her body type and knitting preferences.


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