Interweave Knits Summer 2019: Favorites from a Newcomer

I cannot tell a lie: I love summer knitting. When presented with the option to lay down my needles during the hotter months of the year, I would much rather start new projects. Summer knitting offers an opportunity to explore new techniques and colors, to experiment with lighter yarns and airy laces. A dainty summer shawl or draping sweater will catch my attention every time.

Interweave Knits Summer 2019 captured my imagination with the gorgeous, lacy sweaters and colorful socks and wraps. With twenty beautiful, new patterns, this issue is ready to help you prepare for the summer months. As a newcomer to Interweave, I was given the opportunity to look through the patterns and pick out my particular favorites. After a significant amount of time staring longingly at each piece, I was able to whittle it down to three.

summer knitting

All images from Harper Point Photography

1) The Malaquite Tee by Amy Gunderson

Amy Gunderson’s airy knit tee is an absolutely stunning summertime piece. With lacework along the bottom and bell-like, lacy sleeves, it’s the perfect top to wear to the beach or lounging in the garden with a good book and a glass of iced tea. The sweater is worked in the round until the sleeves, which are knitted separately and then sewn onto the body of the tee. Amy used a linen yarn, which is perhaps one of my favorite fabrics for summer in terms of breathability and draping.

summer knitting

All images from Harper Point Photography

2) Avo Toast Socks by Jane Dupuis

Although these are named after avocado toast, they put me in the mind of hiking in the Colorado Rockies, with the gold of the aspens, the brown of the woods, and the green of the conifers. Jane Dupuis’s socks offer a subtle pattern in the leg and foot of her sock, with contrasting colors at the heel, toe and top. Her pattern also uses a peasant heel, a useful technique for any avid sock-knitter to know.

summer knitting

All images from Harper Point Photography

3) Desert Sunset Shawl by Amy Christoffers

There is nothing like a summer sunset, and Amy Christoffers’ shawl captures sunsets in the desert beautifully. The pattern offers both complex techniques and a relatively simple color pattern that would lend itself well to a myriad of different color combinations. As the shawl grows and more colors are added, it almost feels like you might be knitting a sunset into being.

These are three of my favorite pieces, each of them embodying a different part of an idyllic summer. I had a challenging time choosing, though, since our Interweave Knits Summer 2019 has oh-so-many beautiful patterns just waiting to be cast on. Hopefully, you can find your own summer inspiration amidst the gorgeous new designs. Let us know your favorites in the comments section.

Be sure to count your stitches!


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