IWK Spring 2008 Printed Silk Cardigan

Gallery: Printed Silk Cardigan, design by Connie Chang Chinchio

Interweave Knits Spring 2008As you can see, the same sweater looks very different on different women! We give general suggestions for customization for your inspiration. Only you can choose how you want your sweaters to fit and which customizations will work best for you and your beautiful self!

Printed Silk Cardigan

Sample garment as shown is 34" at bust.
General comments on the Printed Silk Cardigan

Knitting Gallery - Printed Silk Cardigan Sarah Knitting Gallery - Printed Silk Cardigan Kerry


Her bust: 35.5"
Ease at bust as shown: 1.5" negative ease

Sarah looks stunning in this cardi. I would not change a single thing if I were knitting this for her.


Her bust: 37.75"
Ease at bust as shown: 3.75" negative ease

Again, Kerry's upper torso is so long that I would move the ribbed waistband down a bit (half inch? an inch?); I would probably add a similar amount to the patterned section above the waistband to help provide coverage for Kerry's curves at the bust. I think this classic style really suits Kerry; I can imagine her wearing this cardigan all the time. I think the negative ease on her is very attractive.

Knitting Gallery - Printed Silk Cardigan Debbie Knitting Gallery - Printed Silk Cardigan Laura


Her bust: 34.5"
Ease as shown: 0.5" minimal negative ease

Debbie is fairly short; for her, to help lengthen and balance her silhouette, I would shorten both the hem (to keep the eye from resting too much on her hips) and the sleeves (to call more attention to her lovely waist) by a couple of inches. I might also start the waist ribbing about a half-inch sooner for the same reason. However, I wouldn't shorten the ribbed section; the extra half-inch would help define her waist a bit more.


Her bust: 33.5"
Ease as shown: 0.5" minimal positive ease

Adorable. 'Nuff said.

Knitting Gallery - Printed Silk Cardigan Sarah Knitting Gallery - Printed Silk Cardigan Bertha


Her bust: 34"
Ease as shown: Zero ease

Trish is 4' 11". Thus, the sleeves which are three-quarters' length on Sarah, are bracelet-length on Trish. Maybe Trish would prefer the longer sleeves; her willowy figure is such that she can wear the sleeves pretty much any length she chooses. The hem, however, is a bit too long; it is out of proportion to her overall height and makes the sweater look big on her, even though it fits perfectly. So: a couple of inches off the hem, and Trish is stylin'.


Her bust: 31"
Ease as shown: 3" positive ease

Annie looks great in everything, including this top which is three inches' worth of positive ease! Notice how wearing this top without a tank underneath really shows off the stitch pattern and draws the eye up to Annie's face. Pretty.

Knitting Gallery - Printed Silk Cardigan Bertha Knitting Gallery - Printed Silk Cardigan Laura


Her bust: 34"
Ease as shown: Zero ease

Notice how the ribbing waist falls quite a bit lower on Bertha than it does on some of the models with heads. This is a very beautiful "look," (the dropped waist, not the headlessness) and might suit both larger women (busty as well as those with less of a natural hourglass shape) and women who feel that the empire waist looks "too young" on them. For a higher neckline, start the neck shaping later and do fewer "work even" rows at the shoulders to compensate.

Bertha is a star, no doubt about it. Her graceful presence and quiet demeanor bring a sense of dignity and serenity to any gathering. She also is not shy about wearing low-cut sweaters, although she wishes the plant would stop trying to hold her hand, as it is quite awkward to keep explaining that she has no hands.


Her bust: 33.5"
Ease as shown: 0.5" minimal positive ease

How cute is this picture? The coral is a fabulous color on Laura and the different stitch textures and sheen of the yarn keep the eye moving so that her slim figure is spotlighted in all the right ways. I might make the sleeves and hem a bit shorter, but then again…maybe not. I would probably move the waistband down just a little bit, so that there was more room for her curves up top. This photo of Laura is a great example of what the right yarn, the right style, the right color, and the right stitch patterns can do for you!


Sandi's general comments on the Printed Silk Cardigan: The first thing I have to say is about the yarn: Wow. Gosh. WOW. Yes, it is a luxury yarn, but WHAT a luxury yarn. The drape, the sheen, the silkiness, the color…any sweater knit in this would be an incredible gift to yourself, not to mention a family heirloom. (I had to warn my models not to get drool on the silk. Aw heck: I had to tell MYSELF not to drool on the silk.) OK, there. I've had my Yarn Moment. Now back to our regularly scheduled Waist Shaping.

The Printed Silk Cardi reminds me of Jane Austen and all those beautiful empire-waisted gowns (right, Carolyn?). There are evenly-spaced decrease rows forming the graceful flair over the hips, then a band of ribbing without any increases or decreases that forms the high waistband just under the bust. Gorgeous. However, look at Bertha's photo below: On her, the waistband falls lower, and thus gives a more "conservative" (but equally gorgeous!) styling. The simple shaping of this garment give it lots of versatility for different body types, shapes, and sizes.


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