IWK Fall 2008 Windowpane Coat

Gallery: Windowpane Coat by Deborah Newton

Interweave Knits Fall 2008The coat uses simple knits and purls to create a lush brocade surface. Flatteringly long lines make the full-length jacket versatile, equally at home with a dress and narrow belt or over jeans. A smooth, classic merino in a chunky weight makes the texture pop in high relief.

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Windowpane Coat

Sample garment measures 39.5" including the 2" front bands. Recommended ease: 4".

Knitting Gallery - Little Blue Sweater Sandi
Knitting Gallery - Little Blue Sweater Sandi   Knitting Gallery - Little Blue Sweater Sandi


Her bust: 33.5"
6" positive ease

Great fit! Toni liked the collar buttoned up all the way so it keeps her neck warm. (Forget that it was 94 degrees outside. When you're in a small basement room with a bunch of other Gallery Gals and you're trying on such pretty sweaters, who cares?)

Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  Kat
Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  Kat   Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  Kat


Her bust: 40"
0.5" negative ease

This is a bit tight on Kat–see how it pulls in the back? It does look amazing on her, though. However, the next size up would still look great and give her enough ease so that she could comfortably move around. To achieve the recommended ease (with a bit to spare), of course, Kat would have to knit the 46".

Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  Debbie   Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  Debbie


Her bust: 34.5"
5" positive ease

This looks a little bit big on Debbie (although note that if she were wearing it over another sweater, instead of a tee shirt, it would fit just fine). The next size down wouldn't have enough ease, so Debbie could make adjustments to the stitch count on this size to get a better fit. She would make the adjustments at the side seams, however, not at the center front, in order to preserve the full pattern repeats in the front. Also, for Debbie, the hem and sleeves are both too long.

Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  Stef
Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  Stef   Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  Stef


Her bust: 34"
5.5" positive ease

When you play in the basement photo studio, sometimes you find some fun props! Stef seems to have made friends with this shiny, sparkly little bird, so he got to stay in the photoshoot. (We wouldn't let him wear any sweaters, though.) Although this coat actually has more positive ease on Stef than it did on Debbie, it looks better on Stef due to her overall proportions. However, it still looks a bit like Stef is wearing her big sister's coat…Stef would also want to make adjustments to the stitch counts at the side seams in order to cut down on the amount of positive ease in this size.

Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  erin   Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  erin


Her bust: 38"
1.5" positive ease

For a very close-fitting garment, one worn over only very thin shirts, this is a beautiful fit on Erin–very stylish, with a couture feel. (Erin is thinking: "Finally! Something big enough so it doesn't make me feel silly wearing it!") Note that the bottom button in the front isn't closed–the hem circumference is just a bit too tight on Erin, given the close overall fit. The length is great (again: finally!). However, for everyday wear, Erin might want to knit the 42.75" size, to give her more ease and drape.

Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  Sanid   Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  Sandi


Her bust: 40"
0.5" negative ease

First of all: The hem is way too long on my petite self. I'd probably want to lose an entire pattern row repeat at the bottom! Secondly: This is not big enough for me, so I would go up to the 46", and adjust the stitch count at the sides so that I ended up with only about 4" of positive ease instead of 6".

Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  Bertha   Knitting Gallery -Windowpane Coat  Bertha


Her bust: 34"
5.5" positive ease

Um. Poor Bertha. I mean…this just isn't the look for her. It's way too big, making her look like she's hiding…in the pages of a Barbara Walker book.

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