IWK Fall 2008 Braided Pullover

Gallery: Braided Pullover by Alina Khasanova

Interweave Knits Fall 2008As you can see, the same sweater looks very different on different women! We give general suggestions for customization for your inspiration. Only you can choose how you want your sweaters to fit and which customizations will work best for you and your beautiful self!

Some links you  might find helpful:

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Braided Pullover

Sample garment measures 35.5"

Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover Toni   Knitting Gallery -  Braided Pullover Toni


Her bust: 33.5"
2" positive ease

Notice Toni's reaction to this sweater…she's in love. Flattering shape, and a good size for her as well. I just keep seeing this in a lovely leafy green for her…

Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover Kat   Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover Kat


Her bust: 40"
4.5" negative ease

Wow. I mean…wow. This color is GORGEOUS on Kat, and the long cable echoes the long fall of her copper hair…whew. So pretty. Now, notice how different the sweater looks on Kat than on me–and we have the same bust measurement. Different proportions overall, but same bust measurement. This size is very pretty on Kat as is. The sleeves could be a bit longer, perhaps.

Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover Debbie   Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover Debbie


Her bust: 34.5"
1" positive ease

I'm getting nervous about using Debbie in these photo shoots. What if some Hollywood talent scout sees them and steals her away from us? Until that happens, we have her, she's ours, and just look how that side ribbing makes such a pretty silhouette.

Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover  Stef   Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover  Stef


Her bust: 34.5"
1.5" positive ease

How cute is this on Stef? I love this on her. That side ribbing is extremely flattering.

Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover  erin   Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover erin


Her bust: 38"
2.5" negative ease

The side views of Erin in this are adorable…but the front view shows that this sample garment is just a bit too small–the ribbed hem clings too closely to her hips, as well as running right across the widest part of her hips. A larger size, probably the 40", would give more drape to the sweater. To achieve the look in the magazine, Erin would want to lengthen the sweater by about 4", most of it in the section above the ribbing. This probably means that she would want to insert an extra cable repeat into the front cable. The look would be altered slightly, in that the final repeat would run parallel to the side ribbing. The other way to lengthen the sweater would be to insert extra rounds into each cable repeat–easy enough to do if you are familiar with cables, but a bit tricky for the rest of us. OK, those are my suggestions for adding length–anyone else have any other clever ideas for this?

Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover  Sanid   Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover  Sandi


Her bust: 40"
4.5" negative ease

Even though I am wearing this sweater with quite a bit of negative ease, it's not bad…not bad at all! I particularly like the way the ribbing on the left side gives such a nice bit of shaping there. However, if I wanted to wear this sweater as the designer intended, with a lot of positive ease, I would choose the 44.5", for a comfy, loose fit. The detail that worries me in the smaller sizes is the lower band of ribbing–it hits me around my hips and tummy, an area I am self-conscious about. In the larger sizes, the positive ease would help the ribbing drape gracefully around my hips. Ooooo, I like the sound of that: "…drape gracefully around my hips". The "shawl collar" would also have a more graceful line to it; however, I'd have to make sure the sleeves stayed about where they are, because I like how they look in these photos. (Finally, I must apologise for the pink shirt I am wearing underneath. What can I say?)

Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover  Bertha   Knitting Gallery - Braided Pullover  Bertha


Her bust: 34"
1.5" positive ease

Bertha loves this sweater. Everything about it flatters her long, slender silhouette. (The fact that it is a cashmere/silk/baby alpaca blend does not hurt.)

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