It’s that time again: A new knit-along!

My finished Bella Blouse, modeled by the my sister, the recipient. Doesn't she look great? She's modeling it on our hotel balcony in Cairo.

A bunch of us just finished our Bella Blouses, and what a project that was. It challenged me in many ways: lace knitting that started with a wrong-side row, picking up a bunch of stitches evenly, and fitting lace sleeves and neck pieces into a body shape.

I'm happy with the yarn choices I made, but if I were to do this piece again, I think I'd use the same yarn for the body and the lace edging, sleeves, and neck. The yarn I used for the body (Classic Elite Premier) has a lovely drape and it grows quite a bit with blocking. The yarn I used for the inserts (Berroco Lumina) doesn't have a lot of give—though it has a lot of the bling that I love—so it was really a challenge to ease the firm edging pieces into the loosey-goosey body piece. I did it though. I knitted this for my sister and she loves it.

So after completing the Bella, I'm ready for something easy, relatively, and quick. How about a hat? I've gathered several here that I love, and I hope you'll love one of them too. Take a look and get ready to make your choice.

Katie Himmelberg's Felicity Hat is fresh and fun. She designed the hat with three short-row wedges that combine to make the vertical Fair Isle stripped hat. I love the simplicity of this one. The Koolhaas Hat is Jared Flood's homage to the Rem Koolhaas designed Seattle Public Library. I made this hat last year for my brother; it was lots of fun to make and a big hit with Jeff.
The Setesdal Love Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn is a play on traditional Norwegian Setesdal knitting, and it's cute, cute, cute! Color choices could really change the look of this hat. As you can see in the photo, the Turn a Square Hat is a wonderful guy's hat, but it would be equally attractive on a woman—just choose colors accordingly. And, bonus! It's a free pattern.

Now vote for your favorite and we'll get started ASAP!


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