It's not too soon to start your gift knitting!

The Overshot Mittens by Carol J. Sulcoski

I know, I know, holiday knitting during the summer sounds ridiculous, but I'm sure some of you smart knitters have already started! If you have, you're ahead of me, that's for sure.

Last year I decided that I wasn't going to knit gifts for people; I was going to take a year off. I ended up knitting just a couple of hats for people, so I pretty much stuck to my guns.

This year, though, I think I might start knitting holiday gifts really early and make everyone a knitted accessory.

My plan is to knit several pairs of mittens, and I think I've found one of the patterns I want to use: The Overshot Mittens by Carol J. Sulcoski. This design should work for all of the ladies on my list.

The Overshot Mittens are a super cute color knitting pattern, with their Fair Isle flower pattern and other pretty stranded colorwork details. I really like the garter stitch ridges on the cuffs, too.

Another view of the Overshot Mittens by Carol J. Sulcoski

There's a lot going on in these little mittens, which is something I like about Fair Isle knitted accessories. The interest in the pattern keeps me going—I want to see what comes next!

And even though I usually don't knit the same pattern more than once, I think just changing the colors of these mittens will keep me interested enough to knit at least three pairs.

I'll do a black and white pair for sure, and then maybe gray and red. Blue and pink is cute, too. Or navy and white. I think I'll have fun choosing colors!

For the guys, I'll probably do something plain in a small gauge, probably a sport-weight yarn because fingering will take too long. I only have a couple of guy mittens to make, so I'll intersperse those with the Overshot Mittens. I can see my fall knitting take shape!

I think I'll kick off the season of mittens at my knitting group's summer retreat. I can probably get at least one mitten done that weekend. We're having another getaway in the fall, so I'll set a goal of having three pairs done by our fall retreat. I should be a mitten-knitting factory at that point!

Download the Overshot Mittens pattern today and start your holiday knitting early with me!


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