It’s good to learn new things!

Maggie Casey spinning with Eunny JangHere at Knitting Daily we're surrounded by fiber experts of all types. From knitting to crochet to spinning to weaving to sewing, we've got it all!

With this wealth of resources, we're always asking each other for lessons.

Interweave Knits editor Eunny Jang recently got a lesson in spinning from one of our favorite teachers (and authors!) Maggie Casey. Maggie's book  Start Spinning has been one of our bestsellers for many years, and when Eunny wanted to learn to spin, Maggie graciously allowed us to film the sessions so we could share them with you. We're now so happy to offer you Start Spinning: The Video!

You all know by now that I'm a visual learner; I love a video and an illustration! So Start Spinning: The Video is the perfect vehicle for me to use to learn some spinning basics. When I popped the video in, I was skeptical because I really have a lot of hobbies (knitting, papercrafting, gardening, various crafts done with my craft group) and I didn't feel like I have the time or space to add a new one! But as I watched this video, I became more and more interested in learning to spin.

Usually in these types of videos we're watching an experts show us how to do the technique, with is wonderful, but in Start Spinning, we get to watch an expert actually teach a beginning. I found it wonderful to watch Eunny learn the basics of working with the fleece, how a spinning wheel works, and actually how to spin yarn. She asked all the questions I would ask, and made the same sort of mistakes, too!

And Maggie is one of those dream teachers: calm, gentle, and knowledgeable. People have used the word "serene" to describe her, and I couldn't agree more. She's a calming presence, just what you need when your yarn is doubling back on itself or flipping out of your hand or breaking before it gets to the wheel!

Here's a video for you, because I know many of you are visual learners, too!

One of the gals in my knitting group recently brought in some of her handspun, and it was so beautiful. She's really good; she even demonstrated spinning at the county fair!

Between seeing my friend's handspun and watching Maggie and Eunny in Start Spinning: The Video, I think I'm finally going to take the plunge and sign up for some spinning lessons—it's the perfect activity for the coming fall.


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