It’s Football Season! (Not to mention knitting season…)


I love a good chuckle, especially when it really hits home, like this cartoon from Franklin Habit's Stash of Knitting Cartoons 2011 Calendar.

I'm a football coach's daughter and a football player's sister—my dad coached high school and college football for years and my brother started playing in a Pop Warner league and ended playing pro ball in Sweden.

I've probably been to about a thousand football games in my life, and I've enjoyed almost all of them. (Um … I think I might be the person they're talking about in the cartoon!)

The other day I drove by one of the high schools here in Spokane and saw the kids practicing. I got a little giddy! Plus, there's that chill in the air, which when paired with sunny days screams "Football Weather!!" I already have tickets to the Oregon game at my alma mater, Washington State University—Go Cougs—maybe this'll be our year!

But the best thing about football season is that it coincides with knitting season, which puts me in absolute heaven!

The Cubley kids (l to r: me, my sister Liz, and my brother Jeff) with one of my dad's WSU players in 1973. I think my mom made that dress!

Call me crazy, but there are so many similarities between football and knitting, not the least of which is the groups of people that gather to watch a game and knit. I know that there are many, many knitters besides me who like to knit while watching football—there are several of us who finished a knit-along project because of last year's NFL playoffs—so much knitting to do + so many football games to watch = lots of finished objects!

Ravelry has the Ravelympics,and I think Knitting Daily should have Knit-Ball Season! Let's knit and watch our games and see how many projects we can get finished this fall.

I'm going to announce the new knit-along poll on 9/13, and we can make the chosen design our Knit-Ball project! Who's with me?

In the meantime, keep track of your football games and your knitting with the hilarious Franklin Habit's Stash of Knitting Cartoons 2011 Calendar.


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