It’s all about the knitted hat!

Modeling my Semolina Hat, from Weekend Hats (I'm not the best hat model; I swear this is a cute hat!)

There's a lot of talk this time of year about gift knitting: "What are you knitting for people this year? I'd like a knitted _____ if you have time! I need a new _____ because the _____ you made me last Christmas is worn out/lost/shrunk in the wash."

Yeah, you know you've heard it before. We smile and nod and knit, knit, knit for our loved ones, each and every year. I knit gifts for many reasons, not the least of which is that I love knitting them! I like knitting accessories and trying new patterns, new yarn, new techniques. Sometimes I choose a pattern that people want over and over because, "I want a hat like you knit Mom last year, but in blue!"

I told you back in August that I was going to make myself the Semolina Hat from Weekend Hats, and I just finished it. I love it! It's cozy and I love the yarn I used (Malabrigo Worsted—so soft and warm!). It's getting down into the teens here in Spokane, and I need those earflaps.

Hats are on my gift knitting list this year, as they are almost every year, and I'm knitting from Weekend Hats. Help me decide which hat to knit for my sister, Elizabeth, who's moving back from Egypt in just 10 days—hooray!

Topiary Beanie by Jennifer Lang-
MacKenzie. I like how the lace
pattern adorns the front.
Everdeen Beanie by Tanis Gray the shell pattern is really lovely, especially when paired with the wide rib. Welted Toque by Melissa LaBarre. This
is a simple little hat with a neat
welting detail on one side.

So, which one should I knit? Take the poll and let me know!

My sister and I both thank you for your input—she's going to need a knitted hat ASAP after living in Egypt's hot climate for a year and a half.

If you want to knit hats for the holidays, download Weekend Hats and get started right away. (It's on sale, too!)


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