Introducing Sockupied Spring 2015 with 5 Brand-New Sock Knitting Patterns

I’m so excited to bring you the first installment of Sockupied for 2015! With a new year comes change, and Sockupied is no stranger to change—now we’re changing the platform to a downloadable PDF. While this does mean that some of the interactivity of the digital download or iPad file wont’ be there, my hope is that, with this move, we’ll be able to share the sock knitting love with more people. We know knitters are taking their knitting with them wherever they go, and we feel Sockupied should be able to go with you, regardless of the type of “device” you use (and I include old-fashioned paper printouts in this group).

I also changed up the photography style a bit. When tasked with the job of figuring how to photograph and style the socks for this collection, I wanted to place them in a “natural” setting—in this case, in managing editor Allison Mackin’s home (with special appearances by guest star Henry the Golden Retriever). Check them out, and read on for more information about each sock pattern!


Laith Socks by featured designer Rachel Coopey
Mill Ends Socks by M K Nance
Chains Socks by Mone Dräger

Washington State Knee Socks by Kate Atherley

Karner Butterfly Socks by Jennifer Crowley Raymond

What hasn’t changed is the type of content. We still have five incredible patterns by today’s top sock-knitting designers, including featured designer Rachel Coopey. We’re bringing excellent technique tips with Kate Atherley’s guide to customizing knee socks to fit your legs. As always, feel free to share your thoughts on this and any other issue of Sockupied here in the comments or via Twitter (@AmyPalmerKnits). I can’t wait to see your sock-covered feet!

Laith Socks by Rachel Coopey; top down: Rachel takes these socks in unconventional directions—the traveling stitch pattern begins at the top of one sock then leaps to the foot of the other.
Mill Ends Socks by M K Nance; toe up: Named after the smallest park in Portland, Oregon, these socks are designed to echo the sometimes chaotic traffic that swirls around the park.
Chains Socks by Mone Dräger; top down: An easy slip-stitch pattern helps avoid pooling in variegated yarns while still creating a knock out pattern in a semi-solid colorway.
Washington State Knee Socks by Kate Atherley; toe up: Knee socks are great transseasonal socks—wear with a pretty skirt for warm days or under jeans for an extra layer on cold days. Kate designed these in a sport weight yarn to help speed up the knitting. Read her accompanying article for tips on customizing the fit of the legs.
Karner Butterfly Socks by Jennifer Crowley Raymond; top down: Inspired by small blue Karner butterflies, Jennifer created an eye-catching design worked first back and forth around the leg. Stitches are picked up and worked down to the toe, with a contrasting color for the heel and toe.

Download your copy of Sockupied Spring 2015 today!

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