Interweave Knits Winter is here!

Knitting for Men and Winter, too

Winter is knitting season, and it’s time to prepare. Word on the street is we’re going to have about five feet of snow in Spokane this winter, so our snow blower is in the garage, all ready to go, and we got a new snow shovel last spring when they were on sale. Our yarn and patterns, perhaps the most important winter supply, are gathered in bins, ready to be knit.

After seeing the winter issue of Interweave Knits, I’m even more excited for a season of knitting! Editor Meghan Babin is doing an amazing job at the helm of our flagship magazine. Each issue is more beautiful than the last, filled with inspiring patterns and tutorials that seem to appear just when I need them. And this one includes a wonderful collection if you’re knitting for men!

Today I welcome Meghan to share what’s new in the winter issue of Knits.

Winter: A Season of Knitting

And in the blink of an eye winter is on its way once again, bringing with it wood-burning fireplaces, howling winds, creaking old beams, warm drinks in cold hands, and the timeless comfort of wool.

Since I was little—and long before I picked up a pair of knitting needles—I’ve loved winter. I built snow forts with my sister and friends, ice skated on frozen ponds, went sledding on snow days, and curled up with hot chocolate by the fire after I ran inside with rosy cheeks and a runny nose. Winter is a nostalgic time, evoking images from years past. Regardless of your age, the first snow of winter is magical, and for a knitter, so is casting on the first project of our season—the knitter’s season.

In this winter issue of Interweave Knits, we’ve awakened that feeling of nostalgia with designs and products that are alluring and eternal. We began weaving our story at The Forge Publick House, where the dark wood, brick walls, and the ingrained scent of fireplace creosote brought Whiskey & Wool to life. With classically handsome menswear, refined women’s wear, leather chairs, old books, and a whiskey decanter, the past seeped into our set to meet the present.

If you're knitting for men, you'll love the collection of sweaters in Interweave Knits Winter 2017.

Clockwise from top left: Ennis Pullover by Sarah Soloman, Belfast Cardigan by Irina Anikeeva, Dublin Pullover by Varian Bandon, Cork Pullover by Jen Hagan, Bangor Pullover by Jessie McKitrick, Bray Cardigan by Josie Mercier

The marriage of past and present followed us into the mountains the next day, to Allenspark, Colorado, and the Chapel on the Rock on the grounds of the Saint Malo Retreat, Conference, and Spiritual Center.

The skirts of wedding dresses billowed in the wind, evergreen and rosemary bouquets rested on an old stone altar, and the afternoon sun filtered through stained glass windows to light our Winter Bride story. This collection of bridal knits features trending fashions as well as breathtaking classics inspired by our grandmothers’ wedding albums.

The Waxwing Shawl is a gorgeous lace wedding shawl.

Wasxwing Shawl by Susanna IC

On behalf of the Knits team, I am proud to present this collection of knitwear and hope that it resonates as deeply for you as it has for us. Interweave Knits is a place where the past meets the present, where we pause, reflect, and create memories through an ancient craft.

—Meghan Babin, Editor, Interweave Knits

Knitting for Men: The Donegal Sweater is a great project; the man in your life will love it.

Donegal Sweater by Moira Engel

There are so many amazing patterns in new Knits, especially if you love cables, which you know I do. Check out the preview to see all of the projects in this issue. Get your own copy of Interweave Knits Winter 2017, as a digital download or magazine.

And this is where I leave you, my friends. As I shared on Friday, this is my last day as the Knitting Daily editor. I’m moving on from Interweave, and I’ll miss you all. Thanks for being such a big and important part of my life for these last seven years. I’ll miss you all.

Please visit me on Ravelry as KathCub, where you’ll find a link to my new blog. I hope to see you there.

Until then, and always, I wish you joy in knitting.


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