Interweave Knits Winter 2019: The Science Issue

Dear Reader,

“We are made of star-stuff.”

The words of Carl Sagan from his book Cosmos have echoed through time and space for the last 38 years, awakening us to, educating us on, and awing us with the wonders of the cosmos, science, and our little planet. Now Interweave Knits is taking a page from his book to spark the curiosity of knitters around the globe with knitwear inspired by the natural sciences: astronomy, biology, geology, and chemistry.

This wondrous and whimsical issue of Knits began with a Big Bang: a colleague wandered into my office musing about his recent fascination with space and proposed a space-themed issue. An issue dedicated solely to outer space seemed a bit far out there for Knits, but I thought, “What about an issue dedicated to the sciences?” Boom!

On behalf of the Knits team, welcome to Interweave Knits Winter 2019: The Science Issue! Everyone on the Knits team contributed to this issue, seeing that we are a team of exceptional and dedicated nerds who run the gamut from scientists and science-lovers to beer brewers, chefs, bookworms, writers, and, of course, crafters. In this issue, you’ll find projects ranging from conceptual to casual, but they are all quintessentially Knits—refined, smart, and classic with a bit of professorial quirk. Explore knits inspired by Earth and space in our story The Earth and the Cosmos. Discover the unexpected in our Lab of Curiosities story, full of knits blooming with biological inspiration.

Earth to Cosmos designs.

Learn how STEM programs are incorporating knitting to get young people into technology and science higher education. Untangle the mystery of brioche grafting with a surprisingly simple tutorial. Finally, meet a maker who creates knitted biological art.

Curiosities designs.

It’s now time for me to go on a new journey full of hope and promise. This is my last issue as editor of Interweave Knits, and I couldn’t be happier to end my tenure with such an extraordinary issue. From now on, I’ll be just like you, waiting with anticipation for Knits to appear in my mailbox. I’m excited to see the next editor’s stamp on Knits, encouraging us to discover what we are capable of as knitters and as a community.

With love always,

Meghan Babin

(Photos by Harper Point Photography)

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