Interweave Knits Winter 2018 and the Call of the Wild

The call of the unknown has always been a provocative whisper in my ear: fiction and nonfiction accounts of fantastic voyages with uncertain outcomes, rambling cross-country trips, and journeys into harsh and uncharted wildernesses dominate my bookshelves. As I’ve grown older, my desire for adventure has only grown stronger, despite the cautious voice of adulthood warning me against romanticizing the stories of my youth. That urge was a large part of why I pulled up my roots, left my family and friends behind, and moved across the country alone for a challenge I wasn’t sure I could endure.

Right: Eagle Island Cardigan by Meghan Babin


Ibex Valley Mittens by Cheryl Toy


Rohn Pullover by Sarah Solomon

When I arrived in Colorado, I found I wasn’t alone, but surrounded by people who took the time to support and guide me in foreign territory. None more so than Lisa Shroyer, who, for the last four years, has been my mentor, my boss, and my friend. After twelve years at Interweave—holding nearly every position on the editorial staff along the way, including editor of Interweave Knits —the call for a new challenge has led her down a road away from Interweave. She has been an influential force, a guiding light, and at many times, the glue that has kept us together. To say that we are saddened to see her leave is an understatement; in the vacuum her incomparable presence has left behind we have banded together, filling the space with our passion and the knowledge she instilled in us over the years. We wish her happiness and success on her new career path, but she will always have a home to return to, even if it’s only to share a few laughs with old friends.

Yukon River Stockings by Cheryl Toy


Whitehorse Pullover by Danielle Chalson


Klondike Pullover by Mary Anne Benedetto

The human desire to leap into the unknown that Lisa, I, and countless others share was the inspiration for Interweave Knits Winter 2018 (along with a little boost from Jack London). In The Call of the Wild, you’ll find arctic-inspired knits to chase away the chill, whether you are on an adventure far from home or taking a snowy stroll through your neighborhood. These updated classics combine ready-to-wear fashion aesthetics with heritage knitwear design from northern Europe, making this collection both timeless and unexpected.

The issue’s North Country story celebrates cherished moments with dear friends and family. This joy-filled story features rustic and beautiful designs for both her and him influenced by traditional Icelandic, Scandinavian, Irish, and even Cowichan knitwear. And not to be outdone by the knitwear in this issue, June Hemmons Hiatt—the “principal” of knitting—recounts the fantastic adventures she shared with her husband that contributed to the making of the treasured lexicon The Principles of Knitting.

Iditarod Pullover by Irina Anikeeva


Grayling Cardigan by Paula Pereira


Clinton Creek Hat by Irina Anikeeva


Anchorage Cardigan by Amy Gunderson

Find adventure and exhilarating challenges to explore in this outstanding issue of Knits. We hope you’ll recognize the beauty, joy, and thoughtfulness contributed by each person who touched these pages. Although my bookshelves often pull me away from reality, I’ve learned through experience (and a good dose of Tolstoy) that happiness is shared and that the commonalities of human existence—such as friendship and love—are what connect us, making the lives we live extraordinary, precious, and worthwhile.

With love,
Meghan Babin, Editor

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