Interweave Knits Corrections – Winter 2000

WINTER 2000/2001

News and Views (page 6). The article is the ‘Unique Fibers from Asia’ section. Their website information is incorrect. An ‘e’ was left off of the word home. The correct website is:

Lofty Cables and Lace (page 12)
This sweater requires 10 (12, 13) balls of mohair, not 8 (9, 10) as stated.

Burma Rings (page 30) When dividing for back neck opening: Join D and turn. Beg with a WS row, work back and forth in rows . . . continue as written.

Pumpkin Aran (page 34)
Double yarn amounts from 9(10,12) skeins to 18(20, 24) skeins.

The seed stitch pattern on the left side of the chart is not consistent with the right side. The correction is shaded in blue on the chart to the right (note that only the left side of the chart is shown).

Austrian Socks (page 66)
There is a discrepancy between the Notes and the instructions for the Right Traveler, Right Cross, and Rows 1 and 2 of the Band Pattern. As stated correctly in Notes, the stitches for right travelers should be slipped as to knit to twist them, then the slipped stitches should be worked as k1, not k1tbl.

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