Interweave Knits Corrections – Summer 1998


Beyond the Basics (pages 7–8): The information for adding bust fullness is incorrect. You should add bust fullness to the center of a garment the same way you add fullness to the tummy. Work three or four sets of short rows, beginning and ending three stitches in from the edges. There will be more rows in the center of the piece but the number of rows at the edges (side seams) will not change.

Lace-Panel Jacket Clarification (page 12): In Row 5 of the Corona chart on page 14, the “k1, p1, k1, p1, k1” sequence should all be worked into the “yo twice” of Row 4.

Intertwining Cable (page 46): Row 27 of the Cable chart on page 48. None of the cable symbols on this row should be shaded green. There should be a total of 10 green cable symbols.

Summer Dress Up Jacket (page 50): A reader wrote in to tell us that the I cord needs adjustment for it to work on both sides i.e. be the mirror image. She says: On the right side slip the last 3 sts kwise, with yarn in back. Turn work, p the first 3 sts, pulling yarn tightly.

Octagon Shawl clarification (page 58): Although it seems odd, the two front extensions are worked exactly the same. This causes one to appear to head “north” and the other to head “south,” and the sections of the octagons continue into the extensions. It is important that when you work the octagons, end them on Row 40–the row worked with yarnovers and the first row with 44 stitches. If you go one row further and end the octagons on Row 41 (the row worked without yarnovers and the second row with 44 stitches), the extensions will not work out properly. Use the labeled diagram to visualize how the parts fit together.

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