Interweave Knits Corrections – Spring 2009


Jeff's Pub Sweater
SLEEVE BOTTOM PANEL: With Circular needle, CO…

Blooming Cotton Scarf (page 58)
Under “Yarn” it should say #3415 dusty pink.

Sweet Tee (page 72)
Gauge correction: 24 rounds = 4”

St. John’s Wort Cardigan

Correction to Stitch Guide: St John's Wort in Rows: Row 4: (RS) K3pso (see Stitch Guide), *p2, k3pso; rep from * to end. (asterisk is moved to correct placement)

CLARIFICATION FOR COLLAR: There seems to be a bit of confusion between the Row numbers of the Collar instructions and the Row numbers of the Stitch Pattern (st patt) given in the Stitch Guide.

Row 1 is the Set up row, to establish the 2 garter sts edge sts at the beg and end of each row.
Row 2 begins the actual st patt, given in the Stitch Guide – It is Row 1 (as stated) of the st patt, with 2 garter st edge sts at each end of the row.
Row 3 states to work the 2 edge sts, then to work the next row of patt – which would be Row 2 of the st patt in the Stitch Guide, since we worked Row 1 on the previous row – then end with 2 garter edge sts.
Rows 4 and 5 state to work as Row 3. If we work as Row 3 twice, then we work the next row of the st patt on each of those rows – e.g. Row 4 is Row 3 of st patt, and Row 5 is Row 4 of st patt in the Stitch Guide.

Then – Rep Rows 2 – 5 (of the Collar instructions) means work Rows 1 – 4 of the st pattern in the Stitch Guide, since Row 2 of the Collar instructions is Row 1 of the st patt.

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