Interweave Knits Corrections – Spring 2008


Katherine Vest, (page 110)
The chart printed in the magazine is incorrect; download corrected chart.
Under “Cap sleeves”; Row 1:
Row  1: (RS)K86 (86, 86, 96, 96),wrap next st, turn.



Cobweb Lace Stole, (page 112)
The yardage for the yarn used is listed incorrectly; the correct yardage per skein is 185 yd [169 m]/25 g. 
In row 48 of the chart, the 4th st from the left side of the chart should be a p on RS, k on WS symbol to match the rest of the row.

Cobweb Lace Stole, (page 112)
Under “Lace” Chart
The symbol with a 3 in a circle should read:  Knit, wrapping yarn around needle 3 times.

The symbol of a 5 with a v below it should read: "(k1, p1, k1, p1, k1) into first wrap of st
below, dropping next 2 wraps from needle.

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