Interweave Knits Corrections – Fall 2001

Fall 2001

Age of Aquarius(page 30)
There are three errors on the Body chart: The set-up row should be eliminated (follow the text for the set-up row). The first pair of cable twists on Row 13 of the Body chart (labeled as Pattern 3 on the chart) are reversed—both pairs of cables should be 2/2PLC followed by 2/2PRC. At the base of the chart there are two labels for beginning sizes S and L; the label on the left should read end S, L. When working the sleeves, change to larger needles on Row 10 of the Sleeve chart. On Rows 11 – 18 of the Sleeve chart, the first and last 12 sts should all have purl dots—these sts are worked in rev St st; the ribbing ends at Row 10.

Himalaya Tote(page 52)
In assembling the fabric lining, the caption to Figure 1 should read: Overlap the pieces 8″ (not 18″) and baste sides.

Caramel-Denim Fair Isle(page 66)
The four labels at the lower right edge of Chart 3 should read (right to left): beg size 3, beg size 8, beg size 6, and beg size 4.

Cabled Yoke Pullover(page 76)
The instructions for dividing for the body and sleeves is incorrect. The sentence should read: Divide as foll: P9 (11, 12), pm, p73 (76, 80) for front, place next 47 (52, 56) sts onto holder for sleeve, p8 (10, 10) CO sts, p73 (76, 80) for back, place next 47 (52, 56) sts (including first 9 [11, 12] sts worked) onto holder for sleeve, p8 (10, 10) CO sts—162 (172, 180) sts total.

Cable Colorwork Cardigan(page 90)
The first four labels at the lower right edge of the Aran Bobble chart (page 92) should read (right to left): beg XL back, XL left front; beg L back, L left front, all sizes right front; beg M back, M left front; beg S back, S left front.

Floral Gathering Sac (page 96)
The sac requires 8 skeins (not 7) of MC (apassionata).

The Better Mousetrap Socks (page 98)
Figure 2 for Debbie’s Super-Simple On-the-Needles Grafting is incorrect. The sewing needle should be going in through the second stitch on the back needle as shown, but should come out through the first stitch on the front needle, not the second as shown.

Gauge should be 22 sts and 22 ridges (not rows).
Sizes in tables are from 3″ to 10 1/4″ (not 11″).

The correct website for Judy Grill is (not as printed).

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