Interweave Knits Corrections – Fall 1999

FALL 1999

Hagard’s Cap (page 81)
The increase round is incorrect. It should read: Inc 16 sts evenly spaced—126 sts. Cont as written, noting that all stitch counts are off by 5 sts (i.e., after the first dec rnd, there will be 90 sts rem, not 85).
Note that the photo was taken with the brim of the hat turned up. There are 2 1/2 repeats of the 18-row chart worked before the first dec rnd.

13 Ways to Color a Kimono (page 58)
Our apologies to David Allen who provided the photography for this article.

Irish Diamond Shawl (page 40)
The Lace 2 chart is incorrect for Rows 140 – 158. For these rows there will be 2 fewer knit sts at the beg and end of each section than shown for Rows 120 – 138, i.e., Row 140 of chart should read as foll: yo, k2, *yo, ssk, k7, k2tog, yo, k1; rep from *, end last rep k3, yo.

Yarn: Harrisville Shetland (100% wool) does not come in 4oz skeins as stated. It comes in 8oz (1/2 #) cones. Needs 2 1/2 cones.

Aztec Daisy Cardigan (page 17)
For insurance against running out of yarn, purchase four skeins of color #M150 (bulldog blue) For a lighter weight sweater, use worsted-weight yarn instead of bulky.

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