Interweave Knits Corrections – Fall 1997

FALL 1997

The photos on pages 13 and 24 were printed in reverse.

A Walk in the Woods Vest (p.19)

Third sentence of Body instructions (p.21) should read: Knit 1 row, inc 27 (32) sts evenly spaced – 242 (264) sts.

Second sentence of Back instructions should read: With MC p34 (38) sts for left shoulder, BO 32 (34) sts for back neck, p34 (38) sts for right shoulder..

Celtic Dreams (page 33): Row 1 of the Center Panel chart on page 35 is incorrect. The correct Row 1 is shown here.

Talisker Cardigan and Tam(page 56): The markings for where to begin and end the sizes on the yoke charts are incorrect. Here are the correct markings.

Round 2 of the tam instructions on page 59 should read: (Dec rnd) sl 2 sts kwise (the last st of Rnd 1 and the first st of Rnd 2), k1, p2sso, *p3, k1, p4, k1, p3, sl 2 kwise, k1,  p2sso; rep from *, end p3, k1, p4, k1, p3.

Hourglass Cable Pullover(page 62): The seed stitch pattern on Rows 1—6 of the first and third hourglass panels are incorrect on the Hourglass Cable chart on page 65. The corrected portion of the chart is shown here.

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