Interweave Knits Corrections – Accessories 2011


Cowry Shell Shawl

Page 25
Bottom of 3rd column:

Beg short-row shaping (see Glossary): Next row (RS) K213, placing a m after sts 10, 28, 70, and 139, wrap next st, turn.

Copenhagen Hat

Page 61

Rows 33-35: Rep Rows 1-3 once.
Row 36: BO 9 sts, knit to end of row, place marker (pm) and join in the rnd-117 sts rem.
Body: Knit 4 rnds. Purl 3 rnds. Knit 9 rnds.
Note: Need to keep the 4 knit rnds after joining so that you have 5 rnds of St st before the next set of 3 purl rnds as for the repeat worked back and forth.


Arc Mittens

Page 127

The mittens were photographed on the opposite hands from the left and right designations in the instructions. They can be worn either way.



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