Interweave Knits Corrections 2014


Monsoon Shawl (page 48)
After Row 4 of the Garter Ridge pattern is worked, turn the work and cast on the edging stitches on the next right-side row.

Plumage Wrap (page 54)
The chart key is missing the yarn over symbol. Also, on Rows 13–16 of the Lace chart, the ssk decreases need to move one stitch to the left. Download the corrected chart here: Corrected Lace chart.pdf

GIFTS 2014

All Points East Shawl (page 106)
On Chart B (Small Shawl Only), Rows 41 and 43, the last k2tog, yo pair of each row needs to shift over one box to the right. Download the corrected chart here: Corrected Chart B (Small Shawl Only).pdf

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