Interweave Knits Corrections 2005

Fall 2005

Sources for Supplies (page 158)
The yarn samples for Norwegian Spirits Frittidsgarn and Patons Bohemian Chenille are labeled wrongly; the names should be swapped.

Weekend Getaway Satchel (page 56)
The buckles shown are made by the Oregon Leather Company, Portland, OR; 800-534-8033 or 503-228-4105. The buckles are product #132, 1″ nickel halter buckles, available through tack shops and saddleries. They can also be ordered by phone.

Winter 2005

Ballet Wrap Cardigan (page 16)
The schematic for the Ballet Wrap Cardigan was incorrect. This schematic shows the true shape of the fronts.
Ballet Wrap Schematic

Aran Pullover (page 68)
The chart for this pattern had no errors as printed on page 68 of the Winter 2005 issue, but some readers found the shading difficult to read.  Here is a larger version of the chart in which the shaded symbols are more distinct.
Aran Pullover Chart

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