Interweave Knits Corrections 2004

Spring 2004

Swell Sweater (page 16)
The pattern was divided from its corresponding picture (page 17) by the misplaced 16-page crochet supplement. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Polka Purl Dots (page 54)
Use the Backward Loop Cast-On for this pattern, rather than the Tubular Cast-On.

Belt opening should read: Make a belt opening at right side between the 2 right side “seam” sts as foll: Work in patt to the second st “seam,” work the first “seam” st, join a second ball of yarn and work to end. Work 3 more rows even, working the right front with a separate ball of yarn from the back and left front to leave a belt opening slit at the right side. Next row: (WS; Row 14 of chart) Discontinue second ball of yarn and work across all sts with a single ball of yarn to close the top of the belt opening slit. Row 14 of chart has been completed; piece should measure about 2¼ ” (5.5 cm) from beg, including seed st border. Note: The waist shaping and center front decs are worked at the same time; please read the next section all the way through before proceeding.

Uncommon Gardening Gloves (page 81)
The unstretched finished circumference for the gloves should read 5 (6, 7)” (12.5 [15, 18] cm).

Bookshelf (page 94)
The introduction to The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book was written by Margaret Klein Wilson, not Katharine Cobey.

Summer 2004

Cropped Cross-Stitch Top (page 30) The first three stitches on the right edge of Row 10 of the Edging chart (reading from right to left) should be purl on RS; knit on WS (not knit on RS; purl on WS as shown).

The Knits Marketplace (page 109) The correct phone number for the Barking Lamb is (301) 834-5219.

Fall 2004

North Island Vest (page 26) The color number for the medium blue yarn is #5834 (not 5843 as stated).

Sideways Spencer (page 44)
The instructions for shaping the left front neck section of the Body should read:
(WS) Working left front and back separately, work in patt to last 2 sts of left front, p2tog, work in patt to end of back—43 (44, 52) sts rem for left front; 50 (51, 59) sts rem for back. Work 1 RS row even. Dec 1 st at left front neck edge every row 3 more times (working p2tog at end of WS rows and k2tog at beg of RS rows), then dec 1 st every other row 2 times, ending with Row 46 (48, 18) of chart—38 (39, 47) sts rem for left front; 50 (51, 59) sts for back.

Floral Felted Bag (page 52) The yardage for Shetland Double Knitting should read: (100% wool; 170 yd [155m]/2 oz [57 g]).

Threepenny Pullover (page 68) The introduction erroneously identifies the gauge as 4 sts/inch. The gauge is 5 sts/inch as reported under Gauge.

Shadow Tam (page 88)
Row 6 should read “With teal, k4, p2, k18, p27, turn.”

The 5th line from the end of the directions on page 89 should read: Rep Rows 3&frac;42 six more times (for a total of 7 repeats), then…

Garter-Stitch Balaclavas (web pattern,
The instructions for the center section are renamed “Center Section and Second Point“. The instructions for this new section now read as follows:
Row 1: Sl 1, M1, knit to end—1 st inc'd.
Row 2: Sl 1, k2tog, knit to end—1 st dec'd; 75 sts.
Rep Rows 1 and 2 until piece measures about 84″ (213.5 cm) from CO along selvedge with the M1 incs. BO all sts. Delete the directions for the second point entirely.

Winter 2004

Airy Cardigan (page 70) Rows 5 and 6 of the sleeve edging should read: Purl (not Knit as stated).

Traditional Neckties (page 81) The solid pointed tie requires 2 balls of yarn, not 1 ball as stated.

All Tied Up (page 83)
Our apologies to Russi Sales (, the distributor of Fonty Velourine yarn (used for Susan Sternlieb's tie). We mistakenly attributed this yarn to the wrong distributor.

Flower Hat and Lace Knee-Highs (page 101) When working the sock leg, work Rnds 29—42 of Embossed Flower 2 Chart once (not twice as stated). Working these rnds twice will require another ball of yarn.

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