Interweave Knits Corrections 1996

FALL 1996

Rainforest Pullover clarification (page 30): If you have trouble with the cluster Stitch, work an 11-stitch sample for 12 rows. The technique should become clear. As you work the garment pieces from the charts, look ahead to the next row of the chart on page 32 to know where to place the cluster increases (the clusters are worked only in MC areas). When counting the number of stitches in a row, count the 5 stitches in each cluster as 1 stitch. If you have trouble distinguishing the colors on the color chart, please call or write us for a clarification.

The decrease row at the beg of the chart is worked in knit sts with WS facing. The cluster sts on Row 1 of the chart (page 32) are worked as Set-up Row 1 of the cluster st directions (page 30).

There should always be one row of plain knitting below color changes; i. e. the second row of the cluster (i. e., the WS row) has to be worked in the main color. The third row of a cluster, the decrease row, can be worked with a new color. When working the clusters, look ahead one row for color changes. If there is a color change on the next row, do not work a cluster.

The flowers and leaves are worked in seed st, except for the first row. On the first row of a new color, work the sts so that they appear as knit sts on the RS to avoid having main color purl bumps show on the RS of the garment.

Basic Glove with Straight or Side Thumb Shaping (page 36)
Basic Glove with Palm Thumb Shaping
(page 38)

Replace the first sentence(s) of the Little finger instructions (pages 36 & 38) with the following sentence: Work across 20 sts, place next 10 sts onto short dpn, place next 20 sts plus 20 sts already worked (40 sts total) onto a length of yarn, work across the rem 10 sts for the little finger, then CO 4 new sts. Divide these 14 sts onto 3 needles, continue as written.

Swedish Mittens (page 38): The yellow line on the chart on page 39 should read: Sts for left thumb.

Cross-Stitch Cardigan (page 58)

Correction to asterisk placement on Rows 2, 4, 6 and 8 of Pattern stitch instructions. They should read:

Row 2: *P2, k1b, p2, LC, k3*; rep from*, end p2, k1b, p2.
Row 4: * P2, k1b, p2, k1, LC, k2*; rep from*, end p2, k1b, p2.
Row 6: * P2, k1b, p2, k2, LC, k1; rep from*, end p2, k1b, p2.
Row 8: * P2, k1b, p2, k3, LC*; rep from *, end p2, k1b, p2.

Autumn Pillows (page 64): Row 13 of the Large Spring Leaf instructions on page 66 should read: Ssk, k5, k2tog.

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